If you’re on social media or unless you live under a rock, you’ve undoubtedly heard adults lamenting and hand-wringing about “why are kids so soft these days?” Every generation has their “kids these days” moments. But admittedly, back in the 1970s, you never would have seen a kids activity like coping skills coloring pages.

Sure, we had coloring pages, coloring books and crayons. But they were either TV-themed or just generic pictures.

Coloring pages featuring an alphabet theme to teach stress relief, with an illustrated pencil on the side.

We could argue all day long about “kids these days” and whether or not we’re going forward or backward as a society and who is to blame.

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Yes, I have lots of clients who need help with coping skills, both at home and at school. And, teaching coping skills should be a 360-degree, multi-sensory approach.

You cannot just talk to a child or tell them what to do. There has to be real-life, in the moment teaching and feedback. There has to be reflection and discussion after an incident. There has to be pre teaching and preparing for future incidents.

And, you want to engage the child in talking about coping skills in low risk situations. Coloring pages and coping skills coloring sheets do just that.

With 26 different options, surely there is a coping skill for every child to try and put in their coping toolbox.

Coloring has so many benefits.


Therapeutic Benefits of Coloring

I love adding coloring pages or coloring to my clients’ IEPs. Coloring is so easy to individualize, and almost everyone loves to do it. And since coloring is being embraced by adults and teens alike, it’s perfect for any age.

  • task initiation (coloring something is an easy task to start for many)
  • task completion (make sure you choose a page that the person can complete)
  • practice and develop fine motor skills
  • storytelling (why did you color it that way?)
  • language development
  • peaceful, calming
  • can be done independently or in a group
  • hand-eye coordination or visual motor skills
  • helps unlock creativity
  • attention to detail

This can be a great individual, small group or even large group activity.

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Lastly, don’t miss all the other great coloring pages I have on this site.


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