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Worried About Your Child’s IEP?

We all are.

Go from stressed out to calm and confident with our IEP Advocacy Mini Courses.

Pick the mini course that’s right for you–from behavior and IEP data collection, to IEP transition and understanding your parental rights.

Be on your way to better outcomes for your child.

IEP Parent and an Award-winning Advocate

Welcome, I’m Lisa.

I’ve been working as a Special Education Advocate since 2010. Along the way, I have met countless other advocates, attorneys and other professionals who now lend their knowledge to the site.
I have helped thousands of parents like you.

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The IEP Toolkit

An Arsenal of 44 IEP Advocacy Tools

You’ll finally feel prepared and ready to take on any IEP meeting and challenges that come your way.

Fun Activities for Kids

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