Worried About IEP Transition?

We worry about our non-disabled children growing up and becoming independent. But when you have a child with disabilities, that worry increases. Learn how to absolutely CRUSH IT in the IEP Transition Process with your child.

Tell Me if This Sounds Like You.

Feeling alone in the Transition process?


“I don’t know what to ask for as part of an IEP transition plan. How do I know what my child needs to be a successful adult?”


“Are there special evaluations for IEP transition? What are they? And how do I know what programs and IEP Transition Services are available?”


“I’m having trouble getting my IEP team on board with a meaningful IEP transition plan. They just keep saying ‘this is what we do for transition.’ “

From One Parent to Another
But you know what?

There is a better way!

Does the thought of IEP transition and adulthood make you anxious? 

It can. I mean…we want our kids to maximize their potential. And, have meaningful lives as adults.

Take control of your child’s outcomes. Learn how to get your team on board…and so much more in this workshop series.

In this training series, you will learn how to be your child’s best advocate during this very important time in their IEP career.


IEP Transition Bootcamp

A series of 7 workshops for you to CRUSH IT in the IEP Transition Process.

And steer your child toward a better outcome.

You get immediate access and work at your own pace.

Get after it!

Here is what is included.

Modules one and two

Middle/High School IEPs

When a child reaches middle and high school, needs and demands and environment changes.

Here’s how to look at your child’s situation and make needed requests for a robust IEP.

From there, we move on to the oh-so-important Vision Statement–making sure your Transition IEP is pointed toward the outcome you and your child want.

Modules Three and four

IDEA and the Transition Process

Modules 3 and 4 focus on what IDEA says about IEP transition. We go over your rights and your child’s rights during the IEP Transition Process. When you know your rights, it lessens the chance of being taken advantage of–and promotes better outcomes.

Modules FIVE, six and beyond

Supports, Programs, Adult Services

The last few workshops focus on the nitty gritty and action items for parents. Know what to ask for as far as transition evaluations, transition goals and supports and programs. There’s even an entire module dedicated to navigating adult services.

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