5 Social Stories for Thanksgiving

Social Stories for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here! For most of the world, families anticipate and look forward to this time with happiness. Some of us with special needs, maybe not. It can be challenging, to say the least. Sometimes I think that I could use printable social stories for Thanksgiving to help me prepare. Make your holidays easier for your child with autism or other social challenges.

The holiday season often changes EVERYTHING for our households. Our schedules, what we eat, what we wear, who we are with, and what we do. Of course, it brings anxiety! If your child benefits from social stories, I have rounded up some printable sociable stories for you.

Social Stories for Thanksgiving

Heck, I may even print some and use them with my non-disabled child. After all, non-disabled kids get tired, stressed and hungry during these times too. Why shouldn’t we prepare and inform all kids of the changes and transitions that are about to occur?

A few words about these printable social stories for Thanksgiving: I went through the list today to make sure all the links are valid. Some have an advertisement cover sheet, but if you click through, the social story will be there. As of September 2018, they are all working.

Printable Thanksgiving Social Stories

  1. Thanksgiving Social Skill Story
    by Positively Autism
  2. Pecs images for Thanksgiving board
    by Do2Learn
  3. Thanksgiving Social Story
    This one is from a group that I really don’t like, but this is done well.
  4. Thanksgiving Social Story
    by Teachers Pay Teachers
  5. Thanksgiving Recipe Social Stories
    by The Autism Helper

I hope you have a perfect season!

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