Finding new ways to connect with your loved one can sometimes feel like a stretch, especially on Valentine’s Day. Yoga, known for its ability to enhance emotional connections and foster love, might just be the solution you’re seeking this February.

This article offers a sequence of yoga poses designed to deepen bonds and celebrate love, perfect for practicing with or without a partner. Scroll down to see the free PDF Valentine’s Day yoga cards for you to print and use.

Valentine's Day yoga cards combine the benefits of yoga and the spirit of Valentine's Day, providing a unique and thoughtful gift for loved ones. These cards feature various yoga poses with vibrant designs and heartfelt

I left the words “Valentine’s Day” off the cards and any references to February. That way, they can be used for Kindness Month or any other time of the year.

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I have a great story about my son’s school. One of the graduates and former students there, now teaches yoga. And, we just hired her (the PTO is paying for it) to come in and teach yoga to the students.

It’s a great way for her to earn money, learn some small business skills, do something she loves and she’s giving back to the autism community and school that she came from. Our kids and current students get to benefit from the skills of a former classmate. It’s win-win! And the students love it.

Valentine’s Day Yoga Poses To Celebrate Love And Connection

Moving from the broader view of Valentine’s Day celebrations, let’s focus on how yoga enhances our capacity to love and connect. Embracing yoga can unlock doors to deeper understanding and appreciation for oneself and others.

Heart-opening poses especially resonate with the essence of Valentine’s Day, as they physically manifest the metaphorical opening of one’s heart to give and receive love more freely.

Engaging in powerful asanas like Camel Pose (Ustrasana) or Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana) strengthens the body and promotes emotional release.

By activating our Anahata chakra—the energetic center associated with love—through targeted yoga postures, we pave the way for healthier relationships and a greater sense of interconnectedness.

This aligning and balancing act directly impacts our emotional well-being, paving a path for love to flow within us and extend outwards toward others.

Valentine's Day coloring pages featuring love themes and cute designs can be a delightful way to celebrate the holiday. Whether you are a child or an adult, these printable Valentine's Day coloring pages offer an

Valentine’s Day Yoga Poses for Love and Connection

Celebrate love and connection with these heart-opening yoga poses, such as the Dancer’s Pose and Wheel Pose, to deepen your bond with yourself and others.

These poses promote self-confidence, emotional freedom, and a sense of inner peace.

Printable Valentine's Day coloring pages for kids.

Extended Side Angle Pose

Stand with your feet wide apart and turn one foot out 90 degrees. Extend your arms parallel to the floor, then bend at the knee over your turned-out foot, keeping the other leg straight.

Reach down with the hand on the same side as your bent knee and rest it on a yoga prop or the floor beside your foot. Lift your other arm high above you, fingers reaching towards the sky.

Let this pose stretch through your sides, creating a beautiful line from heel to fingertips.

Hold this position while focusing on deep breaths that fill up your chest and belly; feel how each inhale expands and opens you up further.

As you hold Extended Side Angle Pose, pair it with affirmations of love and strength to help boost self-confidence and emotional freedom.

This heart-opening move encourages thoracic expansion, preparing you for more intense backbends in this special Valentine’s Day yoga sequence.

Valentine's Day coloring pages featuring adorable designs for you to color and enjoy this Valentine's Day. Share the love with these fun and creative Valentine's Day-themed coloring pages. Perfect for kids and adults

Dancer’s Pose

Shifting from the strength and stability of the Extended Side Angle Pose, Dancer’s Pose brings grace and poise to your yoga practice. Also known as Natarajasana, this dynamic posture doubles as both a heart opener and a balance challenge.

You’ll stand on one leg while reaching back with the opposite hand to grasp the inner ankle or foot, extending the other arm forward for counterbalance. As you tilt into the pose, let your chest expand and lift towards the sky, embodying openness in your heart space.

Dancer’s Pose isn’t just about physical flexibility and encourages emotional release and connection. Engaging your entire body requires focus that clears the mind and stimulates an internal sense of harmony.

Your abdominals support your spine as you stretch through your shoulders, thighs, and chest—inviting love into every breath you take during this elegant display of self-love on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Yoga is the perfect way to celebrate the romantic holiday. Join us for a special yoga session designed to cultivate love and bliss on Valentine's Day. This unique class combines gentle yoga poses

Cobra Pose

Leaving the elegance of Dancer’s Pose behind, we transition to Cobra Pose, a fundamental backbend that introduces grace and strength into your yoga practice. This pose captures the essence of Valentine’s Day by opening your chest and encouraging your heart to engage fully with love and self-acceptance.

Lie flat on your stomach; place your hands under your shoulders with elbows tucked in. Gently lift your chest off the ground while pressing down through the tops of your feet. This movement expands the ribcage, creating space for deeper breathing exercises.

Incorporating Cobra Pose into a Valentine’s yoga routine helps balance the Heart Chakra—it’s like giving yourself an emotional freedom technique session on the mat. By activating this energy center associated with affection and connection, you cultivate emotional balance within relationships and foster a sense of deep inner peace that resonates well beyond savasana.

Keep engaging those adductors as you maintain ujjayi breaths; let each inhalation strengthen self-confidence while every exhalation releases doubts and fears. With regular practice, these movements enhance physical flexibility and bolster emotional resilience—essential ingredients for nurturing loving connections year-round.

Valentine's Day coloring pages for kids with a touch of love and creativity.

Pigeon Pose

Pigeon Pose is a heart-opening yoga pose that helps activate, align, and balance the Heart Chakra. This pose is included in the Valentine’s Day yoga sequence for kids, promoting love and connection.

Incorporating a love theme into yoga classes during the week of Valentine’s Day can include Pigeon Pose alongside other heart-opening poses like Extended Side Angle Pose and Dancer’s Pose.

Bridge or Wheel Pose

Bridge or Wheel Pose is a heart-opening yoga pose that activates and balances the Heart Chakra. It brings a sense of peace and wellness, both physically and mentally. Wheel Pose (Urdhva Dhanurasana) is a full-body strengthening and mobility pose that expands the chest, allowing for deep heart opening.

Accompanied by affirmations like “I am proud” and “I appreciate myself,” it aims to open the heart, building self-esteem and confidence. These heart-opening poses are an essential part of a Valentine’s Day yoga sequence, promoting love, connection, and emotional well-being.

Camel Pose (Ustrasana)

Camel Pose (Ustrasana) is a deep backbend that opens the chest and heart center, creating space in these areas. This heart-opening yoga pose helps activate, align, and balance the Heart Chakra, offering an emotional release and promoting peace and wellness.

The recommended heart-opening yoga flow video complements this pose for a more comprehensive practice, making it an essential part of celebrating love and connection through yoga on Valentine’s Day.

Reverse Plank Pose (Purvottanasana)

Reverse Plank Pose (Purvottanasana) stretches the entire front body, promoting physical space and an open mind and heart. This heart-opening yoga pose offers an emotional release, bringing a sense of peace and overall wellness to both body and mind.

It is part of a Valentine’s Day yoga sequence designed to celebrate love and connection, emphasizing the significance of opening the heart for emotional freedom. The pose can be practiced with expert guidance through premium on-demand yoga classes available on the YA Classes app, offering a comprehensive practice led by world-class instructors.

Wheel Pose (Urdhva Dhanurasana)

Wheel Pose, also known as Urdhva Dhanurasana, is a powerful heart-opening yoga pose that strengthens the entire body. This backbend expands the chest and helps align and balance the Heart Chakra, promoting love, emotional balance, and healthy relationships.

It offers an emotional release and can bring about a deep sense of peace and well-being emotionally. Wheel Pose is closely associated with affirmations that focus on building self-esteem and confidence.

Incorporating this heart-opening pose into your Valentine’s Day yoga practice can help foster a deeper connection to yourself and others.

Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

After practicing the invigorating Wheel Pose, transition into the energizing Bow Pose (Dhanurasana) to continue opening and strengthening your back muscles. This heart-opening pose stretches the entire front body while improving circulation throughout.

By lifting and stretching your chest, you rejuvenate your spine and relieve tension in your shoulders.

Engage your emotional freedom technique by focusing on self-love as you hold this pose, allowing an emotional release that brings a sense of peace and wellness both physically and mentally.

Yoga Poses for Kids Printable Cards

Adapting These Yoga Poses for Kids.

Here are the Printable Yoga Cards.

  • Extended Side Angle Pose can be modified by encouraging kids to maintain a wider stance and supporting their lower hand on a block or the floor.
  • Dancer’s Pose can be adapted by having kids hold onto a wall or using a chair for balance assistance.
  • Cobra Pose can be kid-friendly by inviting them to hiss like a snake while in the pose, making it fun and engaging.
  • Pigeon Pose for kids can be done on their back with one ankle crossed over the opposite knee, gently pressing the knee away from their body.

Incorporate these heart-opening yoga poses into your Valentine’s Day celebration. Feel the love and connection as you practice these poses with loved ones. Spread joy and happiness through yoga on this special day of love.

Embrace gratitude and self-confidence with these empowering yoga postures.

Celebrate love, build connections, and prioritize well-being with these Valentine’s Day yoga poses!

Teaching Tips for Yoga and Valentine’s Day

1. Valentine’s Day is a time to talk to children about love and happiness.

2. Heart-opening yoga poses can help build self-esteem and self-confidence.

3. The 5 Valentine’s Day yoga poses for kids include Extended Side Angle Pose, Dancer’s Pose, Cobra Pose, Pigeon Pose, and Bridge or Wheel Pose.

4. Affirmations like “I am positive,” “I am grateful,” and “I am proud” are coupled with the yoga poses.

5. Suggestions for Valentine’s Day activities include random acts of kindness, creating Valentine’s Day cards, and doing community service projects.

6. Additional resources for Valentine’s Day activities, including books on love and friendship, are provided in the article.

7. Yoga is a great way to prioritize happiness and well-being and take care of the mind and body.

8. Heart-opening yoga poses help activate, align, and balance the Heart Chakra, the place for love, relationships, and emotional balance.

The Significance of Yoga in Celebrating Love and Connection

1. Valentine’s Day is about expansive, heart-opening experiences and encompasses all types of love.

2. Yoga is a great way to prioritize happiness and well-being and take care of the mind and body.

3. Heart-opening yoga poses help activate, align, and balance the Heart Chakra, the place for love, relationships, and emotional balance.

4. Camel Pose, Cobra Pose, Reverse Plank Pose, Wheel Pose, and Bow Pose are heart-opening yoga poses that offer emotional release and bring a sense of peace and wellness, both physically and mentally.


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