These simple coloring worksheets are adorable. Confession time–I have a teacher who helps me with these.

But, I loved these when she suggested them because they work on so many skills. The designs to color are a bit small and may require some advanced fine motor skills.

Assorted children’s free coloring worksheets with labeled pictures spread out on a wooden surface alongside colored pencils.

But there’s a little something for everyone–trees, butterflies, even a dung beetle! Kids will love that.

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I also love that there are so many opportunities to work on language skills and letter recognition. Like xylophone!

Simple Coloring Worksheets

Here they are.


There’s a car, an ice cream cone and other options to choose from.

Don’t miss all the other coloring pages I have here on the site. But, most of the pages listed below are traditional coloring pages to be used recreationally. Not many of them are worksheets. You can always use the search bar on the right of this website to look for what you want. I have dozens if not hundreds of worksheets on this site.

Therapeutic Benefits of Coloring

I love adding coloring pages or coloring to my clients’ IEPs. Coloring is so easy to individualize, and almost everyone loves to do it. And since coloring is being embraced by adults and teens alike, it’s perfect for any age.

  • task initiation (coloring something is an easy task to start for many)
  • task completion (make sure you choose a page that the person can complete)
  • practice and develop fine motor skills
  • storytelling (why did you color it that way?)
  • language development
  • peaceful, calming
  • can be done independently or in a group
  • hand-eye coordination or visual motor skills
  • helps unlock creativity
  • attention to detail

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