We are just all about the basketball around here! My younger son loves it and plays in two different leagues. We love watching March Madness and the NBA games. Of course, since we spend so much time talking about basketball, I wanted to involve Kevin, beyond taking him to his brother’s games.

I really like these activities because basketball isn’t babyish like some other sensory activities. And while I don’t care if he enjoys something that isn’t considered age-appropriate for him, I want to expose him to things that are more sophisticated and age-appropriate.

free basketball printables

Basketball is also something that is fun for everyone. Wheelchair basketball leagues are popular. Both males and females play plus it is a sport in the Special Olympics. Some places even have leagues in a pool for senior citizens.

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But, this time of year, make no mistake that it’s all about March Madness and then the NBA championship. So engage your entire family in the fun with these activities.

Basketball Word Search Printable with Answer Key

So here is the pdf activity. I have included one that is just all basketball and one blank one.

The blank basketball word search is included because I kept getting requests if I could customize it. I mean, there are literally hundred of NCAA basketball teams, and everyone has their favorite, right?

This way you can make your own word search and include your favorite teams. You can even include a math lesson and have the class vote for their favorite teams to be included. Maybe you even have a local superstar who is an alumni of your school district.

Plus, having a blank basketball themed word search allows you to customize it to the students’ abilities. Some kids really struggle with reading words backwards or bottom to top. Other students may not be able to visually sort out the letters, when surrounded by other letters. In this case, you can add just colored blocks instead of other letters.

Here is a preview of some of them. I have download and printing instructions at the end of this post.

Basketball Coloring Page

Yes, I included a coloring page. What I really like about this basketball player is that they can be any race or gender.

Basketball Sensory Activities

I just love the touch and smell of a brand new basketball! There are so many other activities you can do that include a basketball theme. And, of course the gross motor activities too.

There is a worksheet included that involves a tactile activity.

Basketball Books for Kids

And don’t forget, you’ll want to complement these learning activities with books about basketball for kids.

Basketball Activities for Kids

To print the basketball word search and other basketball activities.

In the pdf window, look for the down arrow. If you are not at home, you need to know where downloads go when you download something. They usually go to a folder somewhere in documents.

But, just download them, then open them back up. Either ‘select all’ or select the specific pages you wish print.

Your printer should have an option for color or black and white. In most cases, it is cheaper to print one and make copies, instead of printing all the copies for an entire class from the print setting.

If you are at a school or business, ask your tech person if you have questions.

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