My son is now a teenager, on the downside of approaching age 20. One thing I’ve noticed as he gets older is that many people assume that a person’s needs are going to fade as they age. Like, not having any more sensory cravings? Or that things like adult sensory toys don’t exist. (they do!)

Or, that their preferred activities will significantly change as they get older. We all try new things and gain new interests as we get older. But for most of us, what we enjoy as kids we still enjoy as adults. Why would we expect autistic adults to be any different?

Always ask the person what they'd like to receive. Adults who enjoy sensory toys will have different preferences.

And, even as I am compiling this list of sensory toys for adults, it is really hard to find a picture. All the stock images have babyish looking items. Or the sensory toy is shown being played with by a child, not an adult or teenager.

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It kinda feels ableist for me to include “small and quiet” in the description. In my perfect world, everyone accepts my son for who he is–even if he is playing with adult sensory toys out in public at age 20.

But we’re not really there yet. And, maybe you need something for church or a wedding dinner or something else where you want the sensory toy to not be noisy. Fact is, as a non-disabled adult, I want to be quiet in public sometimes too. Sometimes there is a need for something small that can fit in a pocket or purse. Hence, this list of sensory toys for adults or teens.

Sensory Toys for Adults

Mind you, I don’t care much for what people say is age-appropriate for my child. If he likes things, he likes things.

Still, being stared at in public and being judged is fatiguing. So you may want some smaller options for when you are out in the community. And quiet sensory toys.

Sensory Needs in Adults

We all have 8 senses. And some autistic adults will be sensory seekers, others will be sensory averse. Or, they will look to sensory items to be soothing for them.

A person’s sensory needs and desires will likely remain the same throughout life. However, how they meet those needs may change. A toddler can jump on the bed to meet their gross motor or vestibular input needs. As a child or teen, a trampoline will be a better option.

My son craves splashing in water. A plastic wading pool did the trick when he was small. Now we have an above-ground pool just for him.

We also have done DIY kinetic sand, making it at home.

Always ask the disabled adult what their preferences are. But for tactile sensory experiences on the go, some of these options are fantastic. Many of these options will make a great gift for a disabled adult.

I have another post about stimming and what stimming is.

Adult Sensory Toys

Here it is. This list was sourced by parents in our group. These are the sensory toys that their adults enjoy.

Squeeze Fidget Toy-Great for the workplace or when needing to keep your stress down, adults can squeeze this quiet fidget toy at work or at home.

Magnetic Rings-These little rings are perfect for when you need to fidget with something. Adults can roll them around on their fingers as the magnetic rings stay together.

Adult Fidget Cube-Great for anxiety of stress, this Dr. Kbder fidget cube toy is made of metal and will have you hold the core with two fingers and spin the body.

Stress Balls-A simple, but effective way to keep your hands busy while lowering your stress, these stress balls have become popular for work and for home.

Spikey Sensory Ring-Made with stainless steel, these spikey sensory rings will create pressure on the fingers as you roll them up and down.

Spinner Balls-Easy to use and so helpful when it comes to reducing your anxiety at work or at home, these spinner balls will help give a comforting massage while you stay focused.

Orbit Ball-Unique and innovative, these Orbit balls can be used as a fidget toy or help relieve stress and improve your focus and thinking skills.

Flippy Chain Fidget Toy-This chain fidget toy is a great quiet sensory tool that can be used at work or at home helping you to relieve stress, anxiety, and keep focused.

Shape Shifting Box-An award-winning fidget cube, the Shape Shipping Box is one fidget toy that should be on any sensory toy list. Sit back, relax, and see what kind of shapes you can make with the cube.

DIY Chain Robot Spinners-Made of a durable plastic and metal, these DIY chain robot spinners are also known as fingertip toys. You can manipulate the robots into different shapes as you stay focused at work.

Human Face Emotion Balls-To help heal your mood or reduce your anxiety, change this face into a variety of different shapes. For those who have a hard time showing emotion, this can help.

Mesh and Marble Fidget Toy-Inside the small mesh bag is a marble that you can fidget with and move back and forth in a quiet way. These little mesh and marble toys can help reduce stress and anxiety.

Bike Chain Gear-The more adult version of our favorite fidget spinner, the bike chain gear sensory toy can easily fit into your hand as you manipulate and spin it around.

Silicone Stress Ball-We love this silicone stress ball because of its shape. You can easily fit it into your hand and when you feel the pieces inside your fingers, it’ll help relax and reduce your stress.

Big Tangle-The perfect desk toy for adults, the Big Tangle can help you reduce your stress and anxiety as you manipulate or work out the tangle.

Adult sensory toys and quiet sensory tools have become popular over the years, even in adults, thanks to their effect on reducing stress, keeping focus, and more.

Fidget and sensory toys can help with adults who have high anxiety, depression, or need to use their hands in order to focus more on work. They’re great for adults with ADHD, ADD, or OCD.

These adult sensory toys are small enough to fit your pockets, purses, or bags so that you can take them anywhere you need to. They are also quiet sensory tools that allow you to use them in any situation without worrying about making too much noise.

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