boys with dogs

Organic Pet Foods – Hype or Healthy

As pet owners, we are all concerned about the happiness, health and safety of our precious pets. Of course, a lot of pet owners dogs and cats. We take the time to select the most entertaining and interesting toys and playthings for our pets. We seek out specialty systems to ensure our pets’ safety outdoors, […]

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woman using an app

Shop Smarter at Meijer and save $$~double dip on gift card deal!

Many of you know that I used to be an “Extreme Couponer” or “supercouponer.” I prefer the second term because I only ever purchased things my family would use and I don’t think I was quite as extreme as what you see on TV. The shows are still available on Netflix. One of the reasons […]

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the tooth will set you free

Gustafer Yellowgold~new CD and DVD~win it + tickets to show!

Have you heard of Gustafer Yellowgold? What?!?! You haven’t?! You must, especially if you have kids. I first heard of him from my friend Amber over at Wonderbaby, and my kids love the music. We haven’t been to a concert yet, but that is about to change soon. If you have small kids, you know […]

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chocolate desserts

26 no bake dessert recipes

We’ve had a pretty mild summer here. We’re trying to save money so unless the weather is really oppressive, I don’t want to run the AC. But I still love to cook and my family still loves to eat. So I rounded up over two dozen great recipes for desserts that are “no bake desserts.” […]

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  1. Organic Pet Foods – Hype or Healthy
  2. Netflix~once you get it, you get it.
  3. some “light reading” for your holiday weekend~IEP and back to school
  4. Popularity Soars for Healthcare MBAs

IEP & NOREP-school age

some “light reading” for your holiday weekend~IEP and back to school

summer school extended school year

In case you are not on my email list (and why not??) then you missed this information that I emailed out the other night. It’s every IEP post that we’ve ever done here. It’s back to school time, which also means back to IEP time. I know it’s a holiday weekend, but it’s also a […]

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{Ask an Advocate} SAT scores, GPA and applying to colleges

ask an advocate

Seems like everyone is really on summer break…I haven’t gotten an Ask An Advocate question since May! Today’s question: My son will be a senior this fall. He has a language-based disability, some dyslexia and ADHD. This combination of disabilities lead to low scores in the writing part of the SAT compared to the reading […]

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{Ask an Advocate} questions about math strategies and dyscalculia on IEP

ask an advocate

Today’s question: My daughter is in 8th grade and taking pre Algebra in a main stream class. She was in a small group for math before but I wanted her to be challenged this year. She did have some difficulty in this class. I was wondering what is the best way to help her in […]

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More IEP & NOREP-school age

Fun & Recreation

Weekly listing of free or frugal fun family activities~weekend of August 28


Every week I publish a list of free or low-cost activities for your family. At the very least, every activity has a discount code or coupon available. Keeping the kids busy and entertained is hard, doing it on a budget is even harder. So here you go, here is this week’s list. I usually start […]

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{review} Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie~what’s up with that PG-13 rating?

tmnt movie

Last weekend, I was invited to an advanced screening of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, which opens August 8. This was for the 2014 movie…I never saw the other one! If you are new here….well, I said yes, ha ha! I have a now 5-year-old who first started getting into the TMNT when […]

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More Fun & Recreation

Moms Demand Action

The New Normal Is Unacceptable

moms demand action banner

Earlier this month, I flew from Pennsylvania to Denver to participate in the Moms Demand Action leadership boot camp. There, I met 200 moms (and dads!) from across the country that are determined to reduce gun violence in America. In one of the first small group sessions, we discussed why we joined this movement. Some […]

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More Moms Demand Action

Special Needs Travel Reviews and Ideas

tips for seeing Monster Jam (+ chance to win 4 tickets for 2014)

monster jam logo

Ok, I said I would get this giveaway up and going today and I am. Whew! Back to school has me crazy this year. Anyway, I am just over the moon that I am doing yet another giveaway for Monster Jam tickets! Over the moon, I tell you! Why? Well, first, sentimental reasons. They are […]

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{special needs travel review} Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site

Brian emptying rocks out of his shoes while we visited the anthracite furnace.

Recently I took both of my boys up to Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site. It is located in Berks County, in Elverson. From where we live it was about a 45-minute drive. It was a cool and cloudy afternoon for July so it was not a pool day. Since we were fresh off the heels […]

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{special needs travel review} Hershey: Lodge, Chocolate World, Troegs

chocolate world

Last week I attended a conference at Hershey Lodge in Hershey, PA. I will be summarizing some of the conference in a different post,  but I also wanted to use the opportunity to do a mini-review of some of what we visited while we were there. It’s a lot to cover three venues in one […]

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More Inspiration

Systems Advocacy

{Tuesday To-Do List} renew your patriotism and resolve to get involved #specialed #disability

tuesday post flag on grass

As we head into a holiday weekend, I’d like to make a plea to you…readers, followers and families with special needs. Lately our causes have suffered quite a few setbacks legislatively. Important legislation that we needed to improve the lives of families with disabilities did not get passed. Why? Because it did not have enough […]

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Pennsylvania Parents~last day to submit comments about Chapter 16!

summer school extended school year

I’m really sorry for posting this with just one day left. It was on my radar, fell off. I just got too busy in May and it slipped my mind. Then I really intended to put it on this week’s Tuesday To-Do List, and I got busy, again. I saw a friend post about it […]

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{Tuesday To-Do List} Please make *1 phone call* for students with disabilities

tuesday post flag on grass

Hello and Happy Tuesday! Every Tuesday, I bring you an action item that you can do to support families living with disabilities. For Pennsylvania families, I’m bringing back a familiar issue–the Special Education Funding Reform bills. I know, I know, I’ve been posting, writing, talking and tweeting about it quite a bit. But this is […]

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More Systems Advocacy

En Espanol

Sesame Street lanza iniciativa “Ver la asombrosa en todos los niños”

Mi hijo y Abby en la ciudad de Nueva York.

Se trata de un proyecto muy divertido y emocionante de la gente más en Sesame Workshop. En el Día Mundial del Autismo, la semana pasada, se anunció que están empezando una nueva iniciativa llamada “Ver la increíble en todos los niños“, y se centrarán en los niños que tienen autismo. Si usted ha estado viendo […]

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More En Espanol