Have the Best Summer Ever with This Fun Bucket List for Kids | 2022

Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids

I’m so glad you clicked! I am so tired of seeing summer bucket lists with things like “take the kids to Singapore” or “Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.” Hey, good for you if that’s your thing. That’s not my thing. When you have a child as medically complex like mine, remote places in the world are just not an option.

But, I still want us to have fun. I have a mental list of things I want to do. And every summer,  I never do what I planned to do. This year, with this summer bucket list for families, we are going to have a great summer. Finally, no more “what should we do today?” Or my all time favorite, “I’m bored!”

Cutting back on screen time.

Really, I’m trying not to get totally crazy with summer planning. But, today was an absolutely GORGEOUS day here, just simply perfect weather. And several times I had to remind my son that it was a screen-free day and to get him off the Minecraft! put down the Fortnite and go outside! (this is an older post that I’m updating, so he’s not into Minecraft anymore)

So frustrating, what is it about some of these games? He always has fun once he gets outside. Sometimes he just needs a nudge. I don’t want to over-schedule him with camps and other organized activities. Plus I am NOT “that mom” who creates craft projects at home. I created this sheet for us to follow. Every year I say that I want the BEST SUMMER EVER. This year we will do it!

Summer To-Do List for Kids

Day trips don’t have to be super far or super expensive. Use the internet to find free and low cost options for local day trips.

You may just want to check out a local farm and pick your own produce. Go to a nearby creek and wade in the water, skim rocks. Most importantly, I want my kids outside!

So here you go, a super low key printable so that you can remind yourself and your kids to get outside and have some fun.

Summer List for Kids

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