Bird Watching Coloring Pages and Activities

Calling all bird nerds! Here is a huge list of Backyard Bird feeders and bird watching activities for kids. A great way to get your kids to appreciate and conserve nature is to engage them in bird watching, have them build a bird feeder or other fun activities.

We have been bird watchers for as long as I can remember. We have several feeders in our yard and keep them full year-round. We take day trips to local areas such as Hawk Mountain and the Conowingo Dam to see the eagles when they are migrating.

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As young as 4, my younger son was able to identify a few species. So I thought, “Hey, why not? It’s time to find him some other activities to do to foster this interest!” He now has his own binoculars and almost every day he’ll watch the feeders for a few minutes (he’s 8 now) and tell me who is there having a snack.

Bird Coloring Pages

Here are the bird coloring pages and the Bird Writing Pages.

The Bird Writing Pages:

Benefits of Bird Watching

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Birding for Kids

Here are your free birding journals for kids. There are two to choose from.

Backyard Bird Activities for Kids

Bird Food Recipes

Click to see full instructions on how to make this feeder.

This bird feeder is super easy. Toilet paper roll, peanut butter or shortening, and birdseed.

Turn your backyard into a Certified Wildlife Habitat

backyard habitat

This is actually pretty easy to do. Please don’t be discouraged if you live in an urban area. It doesn’t matter where you live. You just have to provide the 4 basics: food, water, cover and a place to raise young. Then submit your information to the National Wildlife Federation and get your yard certified.

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Bird Watching Worksheets

Bird Identification Game: Requires preparation and set up, FYI.

Bird Word Search

bird nest worksheet

You can right-click, enlarge and print this bird nest worksheet.

bird hand print

This is pretty self-explanatory. I don’t have instructions because it was an unattached image on Pinterest.

Footprint bird

You could change the colors on this to make all kinds of different birds.

Bird Counting Worksheet

February is the Backyard Bird Count from the National Audubon Society and they also have many ways to get kids involved and interested in birds. They also have an online identification guide for birds and some quizzes.

birdwatching tally

There is a fun bird bingo game and a birdwatching tally sheet in this printable.

Bird Songs Website

Can you identify birds by their song? Find out here. The GBBC is also where you can go with your kids to log how many birds you see during the count. Fantastic activity so that they see how we are all a part of the bigger picture–when they see other families from all over the nation doing the same thing!

When is the Backyard Bird Count?

Great Backyard Bird Count is always the second weekend of February.

BirdLog North America-It allows you to enter sightings into eBird from your phone. eBird is compatible with Backyard Bird Count. Although many field guide apps feature self-contained life lists, this app updates your eBird account, which is then accessible from any web browser. Your data also help build the overall eBird database used by scientists.

Bird Identification Apps

There are many out there, but Audubon, Peterson, and National Geographic are some of the biggest and most respected names out there in birding, so I am listing them. Plus, while I only have the first one, it is kid-friendly. Last year for Backyard Bird Count, there were some pretty expensive apps being offered for free. I will update this post if that happens again.

Audubon Birds Pro (821 species; 907 MB; $14.99; also available for Android)

Peterson Birds (820 species; 535 MB; $9.99; includes sounds from Macaulay Library)