If you asked my son, he’ll tell you that he’s too old for me to be putting things in his lunch box, like printable lunch box jokes. He’s 12. He rolls his eyes at dad jokes, which are plentiful around here.

And, he dutifully packs his own lunch every evening. It’s part of him learning to manage his arfid and grow as an eater.

Printable lunch box jokes.

He can pack what he wants within certain parameters. I want him to not be hungry during the school day, but he can’t eat only Tastykakes either. So we have a list of things that are a compromise.

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Lunch Box Jokes

Still, sometimes when I’m up early in the morning, I sneak a note or lunch box joke into his lunch (as I’m double checking that there is one fruit item in the lunch!).

But you know what? You’re never too old to know that someone cares about you and is thinking about you. And that’s what lunch box jokes do.

I started doing this a few years ago. It started on a Valentine’s Day and just stuck. I had stuck a valentine and treat in his lunch box and he enjoyed it. Fast forward to 7th grade, and I stuck a simple “good luck!” note in his lunch box on the last day of basketball tryouts.

What is a favorite fruit printable worksheet.

I can tell by how he mentions them sometimes that he enjoys them, even if 7th graders are too cool for school and can’t admit that they enjoy this. Sometimes he’ll even mention that a friend got a note or treat and ask “why haven’t you sent one in a while?”

So here you go. A compilation of 180 printable lunch box notes for kids.

Lunch Box Jokes Printables

This is what is included in this assortment of printable lunch box jokes for kids. I’m often asked if they are for kindergarten, or what age they are for? A child needs basic reading skills, or a nearby adult to read them the joke on the printable note.

  • Easter Lunch Box Jokes
  • St. Patrick’s Day Lunch Box Jokes
  • Lunch Box Jokes about fruits and vegetables (or jokes about fruits and vegetables)
  • Camping lunch box jokes (perfect for summer camp!)
  • Lunch box jokes with a summer/beach theme
A set of printable worksheets with different types of lunch box jokes.

Printable Lunch Box Jokes

I previously had these as 5 separate files, but readers said they preferred to download it as one file, and then just choose what pages to print.

I will include printing instructions after the file for those who need it.

How to Print these Lunch Box Jokes

  1. The lunch box jokes PDF has a toolbar at the top of it, in this post.
  2. The second button from the right, at the top, is a piece of paper with an arrow on it. Click it.
  3. When you do that, the PDF should open in a new tab.
  4. At the top right, there should be both an arrow icon and a printer icon.
  5. If you click the printer icon, it will print all 30 pages.
  6. If you click the arrow icon, a popup should appear, asking you where you want to save this document.
  7. Choose your location on the cloud, your computer or some place else–indicating where you want to save this file.
  8. When you do decide what pages you wish to print, if you are not printing all the lunch box jokes, you will be prompted to pick specific pages when you print.
  9. When you print, you should get a popup that asks you if you want to print color, or b/w, and what pages or all–if you only want certain pages, indicate as much.
  10. I cannot print these and send them to you. Emails requesting this will not be answered.

If you do not have a printer, you can send them to a Kinko’s or a Staples or other print service. Or, consider sending yourself the link in email, and going to your local library to print them.

I hope these free printable lunch box notes brighten your child’s day. My husband works from home now, but I used to send them to him too! Hey, we all need a break during the day, and a reason to smile.

How to Download and Print PDFs from this site

If you are having trouble downloading and printing the fun stuff on this site, please watch the short video below. Or you can:

  • Look for the little download arrow in the upper right-hand corner and click it.
  • If the printable is not appearing (you see white space), try refreshing the page and/or clearing your browser cache. Otherwise, your browser or your ad blocker may be preventing it from showing.

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