I live in the northeast, and some years it feels like it takes forever for summer to get here. This year is one of those years. Even though the calendar says that it’s spring, we have temperatures well below freezing in the mornings this week.

It’s our second winter, I suppose. We have already had a couple of days that hit 80 degrees. So, why not dig into some summer coloring pages to be mindful and daydream about warmer days to come?

A collection of free summer coloring pages laid out beside sunglasses and beach accessories.

Actually, I guess daydreaming about something that is going to happen, rather than living in the moment of what is happening, is the opposite of mindful.

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Nevertheless, it calms me on these dark, damp, cold, and rainy March days.

I think these are so cute, and I love that not all of them are beachy. Yes, we go to the beach in the summer. But it’s not the only thing we do.

Summer Coloring Pages

Here are the free summer coloring pages. You can scroll through the viewing window and look at them before you download them.

I love the giraffe one. I will definitely be using that one with Kevin to work on language skills and multi-sensory learning.

Last year, I took Kevin to the Plumpton Park Zoo in Maryland, and we got to feed a giraffe. He loved it. It’s so close to us, we’ll probably go back this year because it’s a fun summer activity for us.

You can see it below.

Free Summer Coloring Pages

Here is what is in the summer coloring pages, there are 8 free PDF pages in all.

  • the first two are kids on a beach
  • a kid on a bike
  • a child enjoying a summer snack outdoors
  • a kite
  • a giraffe
  • playing in the water
  • looking at the summer stars

I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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