13 Free, Printable Social Stories about Halloween and Trick-or-Treating.

Halloween and Trick or Treat Social Stories

With Halloween not that far off, I thought I would gather some Halloween and Trick-or-Treat Social Stories for you. I know from friends and clients that Halloween can be a tough time for kids with autism because so many unexpected things happen.

Does your child with autism use social stories? A social story is a written or picture guide to an event. It helps prepare kids for social situations for which they may have anxiety or be unfamiliar or unprepared. They are very common for kids with autism, but any child who is anxious or has anxiety about a situation may benefit from using social stories.

Halloween Social Stories free

A few weeks ago I met some of my cousins at Sesame Place. They had a child with them who uses social stories and it was interesting to see one. I do not use them with Kevin, but I might start. At Sesame Place was the first time I was ever up close and personal with a child who was actively using one. I don’t know this child well enough to know if he would have been more anxious at Sesame Place without one, but he did very well in the heat and the crowds.

Halloween Social Stories

  1. What to expect on Halloween by Positively Autism
  2. Halloween Tips & Social Story by Therapics
  3. Halloween Party by Teachers Pay Teachers
  4. Halloween Party 2 by Teachers PayTeachers

Trick-or-Treat Social Stories

  1. Trick or Treat, Wearing a Costume by Creating and Teaching
  2. Trick or TreatCards by Teachers Pay Teachers
  3. Trick or Treat 1 by TeachersPay Teachers
  4. Trick or Treat 2 by Teachers PayTeachers
  5. Trick or Treat 3 by Project Autism
  6. Trick or Treat 4 by Teachers Notebook
  7. Trick or Treat 5 by Chit Chat and Small Talk
  8. Trick or Treat 6 by CCSD
  9. Trick or Treat 8 by Autism Tank
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