8 Fun Alternatives to Trick or Treating.

Trick or Treating Alternatives

Most kids want to go trick or treating. Heck, I love trick-or-treating because my son dislikes Reese’s PB cups. (I know, right? We think they switched babies at the hospital.) But maybe it’s not in the cards for your kiddos. It’s of absolutely no interest to my disabled child. Mind you, he’s happy to eat his weight in chocolate. He’s also just as happy to skip going from door to door begging for it. He needs fun alternatives to trick or treating.

Kevin is pretty strict about self-regulating his bedtime. Come 7:30 or 8:00, no matter what, he’s going to fall asleep. Two years ago I pulled a sleeping kid around the neighborhood in a wagon. Last year he just stayed home with Dad while I took his brother. Why force it? It obviously was for me, not him.

There are plenty of alternatives to trick or treating available to you and your family. I know it’s early, but I wanted to post this to give you plenty of time to plan alternative trick-or-treat activities for your special needs child. Different, not less!

Alternatives to Trick or Treating

  1. Have a Family Game Night – There is nothing more fun to a child than sitting down with their parents at the kitchen table and playing some great games with the family. Pick out the games in advance to ward off any fighting over what is going to be played and have them ready to rock and roll. Place some snacks and chips around the table for everyone to enjoy and start playing.
  2. Host a Bon Fire – Invite all your family and friends over for a fun bonfire in your backyard. Hot dogs and s’mores are simple enough to make. And who doesn’t like sitting around a good old-fashioned fire? Grab some hay bales for seating and serve up some hot apple cider to keep everyone warm. You can make your party with a spooky Halloween theme or go untraditional and have guests dress like Disney characters.
  3. Pass out Candy – Have the kids dress up at home and pass out candy to all the trick or treaters. You can have a fun movie playing in the background to keep them busy in between guests. Passing out candy can be a whole lot less stressful than running around in the cold dark night. Smaller kids may be a little more comfortable just looking out the window while you pass out the candy.
  4. Make a Treat Night – This is one of my favorite alternatives to trick or treating. All kids love playing in the kitchen with mom and dad and what better way to keep them busy this year than by having a fun treat night in your own kitchen. Grab ups some baking supplies and get busy making cookies, cupcakes or candy at home with the kiddos. When you are done making your treat sit down and have a great big sweet feast.
  5. Make a Scavenger Hunt – Grab some candy treats and set up a scavenger hunt in your own backyard. Kids can still dress in costumes and experience the joy of candy without having to go door to door.
  6. Go to the Movies – With all the scary things that are happening Halloween night, it’s nice to be able to take your little ones out for a movie night. Check your local listing and see what non-scary cartoons they have playing in your area and take the whole family in to see it. See this list of 25 Not Scary Halloween Movies.
  7. Find a Local Trunk or Treat – A lot of times churches or community organizations will host a trunk or treat. Cars will line up in a parked position in a parking lot and they will pass out candy from their trunks of their cars. It’s a fun way to do a little trick-or-treating without all the dangers of crossing back and forth on busy roads.
  8. Go to the Zoo – The zoo is a great alternative to trick or treating and they often are open on Halloween night. In some communities, they even have trick or treating available for the kids. So you can check out the candy and get to see the animals at night too!

Do you have any ideas on alternatives to trick or treating that you can share with us today?

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