I am so tired today, I have a bad foot. So when I looked in Kevin’s room and saw him relaxing with a book on his bed, I couldn’t resist laying down next to him. He’s wearing a Philadelphia Eagles jersey today.

It was my intent to take him with me to the Acme and they give you an extra 5% off if you wear Eagles gear. But my foot hurt too much to go. I was laying there, just thinking about things and it hit me.

halloween costume with a helmet

Duh! Football players wear helmets. Right then I made a plan to get online and see what I could do to fix up his seizure helmet to match his jersey.

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I found big sheets of felt, which I think with two-sided tape will do exactly what I want to do for the day. But, while I was perusing costume ideas, I found a whole bunch of costumes that could also include a seizure helmet.

Costumes with Helmets

I am not a DIY or crafty person, I need simple.

As you may have heard, Target is selling adaptive Halloween costumes now. I have mixed emotions about it. Kind of “meh” about the fact that they only have 4 to choose from.

But, at least a major retailer like Target recognizes that we exist. And, they sold out within days so that’s a good sign. Target says they will restock, so keep checking back.

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for a Helmet

I found most of my inspiration for these ideas on either Pinterest or at Oriental Trading Company. They have a pretty inexpensive selection if you prefer to buy instead of DIY.

If you search any of these costumes on those sites, you’ll see dozens of options that can either be ordered for pretty cheap. Or, go to Goodwill for your Halloween costume. Surely you can pick up a jersey or coveralls there.

  • Fireman-fire jacket or tee with badge, hose, helmet.
  • Construction Worker-reflective vest, fake hammer, construction helmet.
  • Astronaut-white suit (can often be found in paint stores) and helmet.
  • Football Player-jersey or sweatshirt with a helmet.
  • Skateboarder-skater boy/girl clothing with skate helmet.
  • Race Car Driver/pit crew-race car/Nascar jacket or shirt, helmet, goggles.
  • School Crossing Guard-yellow helmet, stop sign, vest.
  • Deep Sea Diver-dark green suit or coveralls with helmet.
  • Baseball Player-baseball tee or jersey, helmet, bat.
  • Hockey Player-jersey, helmet, stick.
  • Welder-fake welding gun, helmet with shield, coveralls.
  • Motocross Racer-jersey, helmet, gloves.
  • Cyclist-cycling jersey, water bottle, cycling gloves.
  • Harley Davidson enthusiast-Harley tee or black leather jacket, Harley sayings/stickers on the helmet
  • Miner-fasten a small LED light on helmet, dirt on face, pick.
  • Safari-tan shirt, fake camera/binoculars around neck, stuffed animal, tan fabric or burlap over helmet.

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