Sign Language Animals | FREE 13-page Coloring Book

Sign Language Animals

This past year, my son went through a full Assistive Technology evaluation. One of the two modalities that we are going to focus on is signing. I had gotten away from it as his health declined. But, now that he’s on the rebound, he seems to be using it more.

He is very successful with PECS at school, but now we’re working on transferring that skill to home. But, he loves animals and many of the outings we do relate to animals (visiting local farms) so I want to expand his ASL vocabulary.

Video of Sign Language Animals

Here is a cute youtube video that shows how to do different ASL signs for various animals.

ASL Animals-Free Printable Booklet

As with everything I do with Kevin, I try to make it a whole sensory experience. Sight, sound, motor skills…the whole thing. That’s why I like this booklet.

So, here you go–enjoy!