According to some resources, American Sign Language is one of the most frequently used languages in the United States. Depending on the criteria used to count people, it often falls somewhere between number 4 and number 8 most popular language. Many people are surprised to learn this.

But, it only reinforces the importance of having access to ASL activities or sign language activities. This is especially important for kids and school staff.

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My boys are teenagers now, but when they were babies, sign language was all the range. The signs for “more” or “me please” or “my turn please” were among some of the first things my kids could “say.”

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Kevin still lacks any verbal language, but we occasionally still use signs or gestures with him. I distinctly remember as a toddler, when he was learning signs, that my other child independently began signing without ever having been taught ASL words.

In addition to giving kids as many options to communicate as possible, I’m a big fan of multi-sensory learning.

While it may seem counterintuitive to put sign language activities on paper, it can be helpful. Yes, ASL activities take place with our hands. But seeing it, saying it (in our head or out loud), viewing it on paper, and doing activities like ASL worksheets and sign language matching activities, can only help bolster memory.

I used to publish a separate article for every ASL activity I put on the site. That has become clunky and cumbersome, so I am going to put all of them here in this article. That way you only have to save one link to access them all.

ASL Alphabet Clip Cards

The first ASL activity is these alphabet clip cards. If you’re a teacher or clinician whose clip cards are going to get a lot of use, I recommend laminating them.

All you do for this activity is use a paper clip or clothespin to match the ASL sign to the correct letter. It’s a way for kids to self-evaluate and check their own work. Yes, answer keys are included when you print them.

American Sign Language alphabet clip cards illustration featuring Free ASL Activities.

And here is the PDF for this ASL printable activity.

Sign Language Numbers Clip Cards

Next up is the same sign language activity, but this time the clip cards have numbers instead of letters.

It might seem painfully simple to teach kids ASL numbers, since they are pretty self-explanatory. However, for the child struggling to learn or struggling with working memory, this can be an easy win for them.


And here are the PDFs for the ASL number clip cards.

Animals Activity in Sign Language

Another matching activity–this time it’s animals.

Again I recommend laminating your cards if they are going to be used often. Or printing them on card stock.

Educational illustrations of American Sign Language (ASL) signs for various animals, designed as puzzles for free ASL activities.

And here is the PDF of that animal ASL activity.

ASL Words Clip Cards

Here is another clip card activity for common sign language words.

Educational flashcards showcasing free American Sign Language (ASL) signs for various words.

And here are the printable clip cards and answer keys.

ASL Activities

Now, earlier in this article, I told you that I used to put each ASL activity in its own post. So, here they are, so you can still use those sign language activities if you wish.

ASL Printables

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