Here we go with another fun activity to incorporate all kinds of skills with a fun holiday. This time, I’m sharing two free PDFs-a St. Patrick’s Day word search and a St. Patrick’s Day word scramble.

Since my site largely focuses on kids with various learning disabilities, please be mindful of your expectations when using these activities with children. Nothing crushes a kid’s self esteem like watching their peers complete an activity, and having fun with it, and they cannot do it.

st patrick's day word search and word scramble

But, that being said, these two worksheets can be a great way to get kids to practice previously taught skills, all the while they think they’re having a holiday treat!

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I’m going to share the PDFs below, separately, in case you don’t want both.

After these free printable St. Patrick’s Day word puzzles, I have a short paragraph or two on how to download the PDF and print them, in case you’re struggling with it. I spend a ton of time on computers, and sometimes the most basic things puzzle me!

St. Patrick’s Day Word Search

First, here is what it looks like, so you can see it before you download it.

st patrick's day word search

Really cute, isn’t it?

And, here is the PDF if you wish to download it.

St. Patrick’s Day Word Scramble

And here is a pic of the second word puzzle for St. Patrick’s Day–the word scramble.

st patricks day word scramble

What I like about these two activities for St Patrick’s Day is that they use the same words. Great way to get in repetition in different formats and different problem solving skills.

Here is the PDF for the St. Patrick’s Day Word Scramble.

To print, first download by clicking the arrow that is circled.


From there, just bring up the document and print it. If you do not know where downloads go on your computer (because you’re at work or not on your personal computer), ask someone.

Good luck and Happy St. Patrick’s Day, have fun!

St. Patrick’s Day Fun

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