St. Patrick’s Day Activities

Growing up, I don’t have great memories of St. Patrick’s Day. My dad would play record albums of Irish Folk Music like the Clancy Brothers and drink too much. Yep, the stereotype. It never occurred to me until I had kids that St. Patrick’s Day Activities for kids existed. I had only learned it as a holiday centered around alcohol.

But, my family is very Irish, and I do want my kids to know their roots and appreciate them for more than just alcohol. When my kids started preschool, it was kind of an “Oh…right” moment when they came home with St. Patrick’s Day arts and crafts projects involving shamrocks, rainbows and leprechauns.

irish ancestors
My paternal family in the 1900s.

That photo is my dad’s family, taken pre-1906. At least we think so, because my paternal grandfather is absent from that photo and he was born in 1906. The women are my great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother who came here from Ireland in the 1800s.

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They were a stereotype–hardworking, uneducated, poor. And the men drank too much. Probably the women too. But, we didn’t talk about women and drinking then.

My point is–I’m changing the narrative around this for my kids. And, their memories too, I hope.

Now, we eat Irish food and do fun St. Patrick’s Day activities.

st. patrick's day activities

And that is why I am sharing so many St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids. Sure, it’s self-serving. But, if why not share what I use, right?

Here is a sample of what is included.

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Fun St. Patrick’s Day Activities

Don’t miss the other fun St. Patrick’s Day Activities I have here on this site.

Here is a list, and they can be St. Patrick’s Day Activities for preschoolers or older kids. Most of them can be adapted for any age group or skill set.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy all of these St. Patrick’s Day Activities for all ages. Warm up that printer and get going! Now, I’m off to plan our menu. Usually it’s just bangers and mash, or Guinness Beef Stew. Oh! And I found these wonderful Bailey’s parfaits online, made with Oreo crumbs too.

Yeah, a few recipes with alcoholic drinks added in. Maybe the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree!

If you have a favorite activity that you do with your kids, feel free to share via email. Who knows, maybe it’ll show up in a future blog post.

St. Patrick’s Day Fun

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