St. Patrick’s Day Bingo

Bingo is one of my family’s favorite things to do. Mind you, I’m a middle aged adult, and I’ve only recently discovered the joy of bingo. Mostly due to my youngest son.

For whatever reason, he loved playing any kind of bingo at a very young age. Then, one time we went on vacation to a dude ranch in NY. One of their family activities was bingo in the evening. He won $80! And, yep, they let him have it since it wasn’t specified that it was only for a certain age.

kevin with hershey kiss
Kevin won a giant Hershey kiss playing bingo at the Hershey Lodge.

I think he was like 6 or 7 years old at the time.

Another time, we went to visit Hershey. My older son won bingo at that family night activity. The prize was a giant Hershey Kiss.

Since then, they’re hooked! Sometimes it is tough to teach them that you don’t always win. But, we still enjoy going. Our local school sports boosters hosts a bingo night. Kevin’s school PTA recently hosted a Pocketbook Bingo too.

So, why not incorporate a holiday theme? And these free printable St. Patrick’s Day Bingo Cards are adorable. No reading skills required.

Bingo Card Symbols for St. Patrick’s Day

And, these bingo cards for St. Patrick’s Day have a ton of cute themed symbols on them.

And so much more.

St. Patrick's Day bingo cards

St. Patrick’s Day Bingo Prizes and Tokens

There are many ways to incorporate St. Patty’s Day into your prizes and tokens. Of course, we need to be mindful of a child’s motor skills, abilities and food allergies.

  • green and white candy, like M&Ms
  • wrapped candy, hard candy, Hershey kisses
  • poker chips in green, white, black
  • those little pompoms used for crafts
  • gold coins that are covered chocolate
  • Hershey’s “Pot of Gold” candy
  • jelly beans
  • Werther’s candy (it’s in a gold wrapper)
  • Skittles (rainbow!)

PDF Download St. Patrick’s Day Bingo

Here you go. I’m going to include a screenshot from another St. Patrick’s Day printable that I have on this site. (I have many, take a look!) But I have circled the arrow button of where to click to download them.

If you are in a school building, make sure you know where downloads go so that you can retrieve it to print it.

To find this St. Patrick’s Day PDF coloring book, just click at the bottom of this post where it says “St Patrick’s Day.”

If you have trouble downloading these St. Patrick’s Day Bingo cards….my guess is that you’re an Apple user. Most readers who contact me with issues, are trying to do so on Apple products. I’m an Android person, so you’ll have to look up online how to troubleshoot that.



  • Fine Motor Skills-Games, crafts and coloring activities are a great way to use and practice a child’s fine motor skills.
  • Speech and Language– Many parents seek out a language-rich environment for their child. Any activity can be an opportunity to use and repeat new words and language, mimicking sounds, new vocalizations and articulations.
  • Executive Functioning Skills– Depending on the game or activity, it can be an opportunity to practice executive functions such as working memory, sequencing, following directions, task initiation and more.
  • Handwriting and Fluency- This piggybacks onto the language skills a child needs, but with worksheets, coloring pages and games, they can be a low-risk opportunity to practice handwriting and fluency.
  • Practicing Previously Acquired Skills-Applying already acquired skills across all environments, bring the classroom teaching into the real world.
  • Sensory-Textures, sounds, taste, vestibular, interoception, anything!
  • Social Awareness-Practice traditional social skills in a safe environment, such as: joint attention, taking turns, reciprocating conversation, waiting politely, and more.
  • Gross Motor-If you’re in a new place, practice walking across uneven surfaces, new surfaces, inclines & declines, stairs, or increasing endurance.

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