Easter Coloring Pages

When holidays come near, any parent or teacher will tell you, kids get antsy! Especially if a holiday like Easter is associated with time off from school and work. Like Spring Break.

At home or at school, it can be hard to keep kids focused on school work. Especially if they know candy and time off from school is in their near future. These free printable Easter Coloring Pages can be just what you need.

6 free easter coloring pages

It satisfies a child’s desire to think about boring stuff like school work. But, for teachers and parents, it can be a way to keep a child occupied while working on valuable skills.

Here is what is included in this free 6 page packet of Easter coloring pages. And, they’re free! Just download, print and use.

You can scroll through them before you choose which ones you’re going to use.

I have a list of skills at the bottom of this post that you can encourage while your child is coloring.

Enjoy, and Happy Easter!