Finding fun activities for kids that are both educational and entertaining can be a challenge, especially around Groundhog Day. This quirky holiday has a unique tradition of predicting the weather based on a groundhog’s shadow.

I live in PA, so Groundhog Day is a big deal here. I always like to chat about it with Kevin and now these Groundhog Day coloring pages can give us something else to do.

Free printable Groundhog Day coloring pages for kids.

Get ready for some colorful Groundhog Day fun that any person will love.

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Free Printable Groundhog Coloring Pages

Choose from 8 fun designs to celebrate Groundhog Day, including groundhogs with and without shadows. These coloring pages allow kids to unleash creativity while learning about this adorable animal.

A free ground squirrel coloring page.

Free Groundhog Coloring Pages

Get ready to dive into a world of whimsy with our collection of 8 unique groundhog coloring pages, perfect for sparking creativity in kids. Each design features charming animal illustrations ranging from playful groundhogs frolicking in their natural habitat to adorable scenes of these furry critters predicting the weather.

Our free printables offer a variety of themes that cater to every child’s interest, whether they prefer detailed mandalas or simple images ideal for younger artists.

Teachers and parents can easily download these educational resources, adding a burst of seasonal celebration to any Groundhog Day activity.

If you are looking for other Groundhog Day Printables, I have more in that article.

You can find some worksheets and other activities to accompany the printables there.

groundhog day activities
Click this image to access the Groundhog Day Activities shown.

Students will have a blast decorating each page and learning fascinating facts about groundhogs’ diets and habitats through interactive learning materials.

Great for celebrating Groundhog Day

Children can celebrate Groundhog Day by coloring fun and engaging groundhog-themed pages. This activity allows kids to explore creativity while learning about this special holiday.

Whether it’s a traditional groundhog design or playful colors, these printable activities make celebrating Groundhog Day enjoyable and educational.

Young learners can immerse themselves in the excitement of Groundhog Day through interactive coloring sheetsword searches, crafts, and puzzles. These activities offer a hands-on approach to understanding the day’s significance while encouraging children to express themselves artistically.

A Groundhog Day themed beaver coloring page with a beaver in the sun.

Includes groundhog with and without shadow designs

The groundhog coloring pages feature designs with and without shadows, allowing kids to celebrate Groundhog Day in various ways. Both options provide an engaging activity that allows children to express their creativity while learning about this fun tradition.

Children can explore the significance of the shadow as they engage with the design variations, encouraging curiosity and understanding about this annual event.

Groundhog Day Coloring

Get your kids excited for Groundhog Day with various fun activities, including word searches, crossword puzzles, and crafts like making crowns and headbands. You can also engage them in online educational lessons or partner activities, such as reading Groundhog Day books while coloring.

These activities offer an enjoyable way for children to learn about colors, numbers, and patterns. As they eagerly complete these engaging worksheets, they’ll develop fine motor skills while creating delightful works of art perfect for celebrating this annual occasion.

Partner activities such as reading Groundhog Day books while coloring

Children can enhance their Groundhog Day experience by engaging in partner activities like reading books related to the occasion while coloring. This interactive and educational approach promotes creativity and literacy skills as kids immerse themselves in the world of groundhogs through both visual and textual mediums.

By combining storytelling with coloring, children can deepen their understanding of Groundhog Day traditions while honing their fine motor skills.

Amidst the excitement of celebrating Groundhog Day, this collaborative activity sparks joy and enthusiasm, fostering a love for reading and art among young learners. With an array of free printable resources available online, parents and educators can easily facilitate these partner activities, making it a delightful addition to the festivities.

In summary, these creative and fun Groundhog coloring pages offer engaging activities for kids to enjoy. The free printable designs provide various options for celebrating Groundhog Day with children.

From word searches to color by number, plenty of enjoyable options are available. Kids can have a blast with these activities while learning about this unique holiday. The printable resources make it easy for parents and teachers to incorporate them into their lesson plans or home activities.


1. What can kids do with the Groundhog coloring pages?

Kids can have fun coloring creative and fun groundhog images, and they can also enjoy free printable activities that come included.

2. Are these Groundhog coloring pages suitable for all ages?

Yes, these coloring pages are designed to be enjoyable for children of various ages and include simple designs perfect for younger kids and more intricate ones for older children.

3. How will children benefit from doing Groundhog Day crafts?

Children’s activities like Groundhog Day crafts encourage creativity, help develop motor skills, and provide a playful learning experience.

4. Can I get these Groundhog coloring pages online?

Absolutely! You can easily download free printable activities and groundhog coloring sheets online for your kids to enjoy anytime.

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