Once the holidays are over, it’s time to start thinking about snowflakes and snowmen. I find them just as festive as the holidays and keep many snow-themed decorations until about President’s Weekend.

Since I try to make everything multi-sensory for Kevin, I try to add in paper activities too. Like snowman coloring pages. They’re perfect for snow days or for anticipating snow days.

A set of winter coloring pages with a snowman coloring page and snowflake coloring page, complete with crayons and pencils.

I normally love winter. I love when it’s cold and snowy and everything that goes along with it. I love bundling up, going out to shovel, and then coming back in to snuggle in my pajamas with hot chocolate.

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Snowman Coloring Pages

So far, this year has been a total bummer. It’s been in the 50s and 60s since winter started, with no big snowstorms in sight. I’m finding it hard to get into the “winter spirit.” We don’t want a fire in the fireplace when it’s 62 degrees out.

But I still have extended time at home with Kevin due to holidays and weekends, so I thought I’d share our activities.

Make sure you come back for our Christmas coloring pages.

Snowflake Worksheet

Not every kid likes to play in the snow. Despite our best efforts of trying to make it fun for him, Kevin never enjoyed it. In fact, most days he treated snow with the same disdain that he has for sand.

A coloring page with snowmen and hats.

He loves big, gross motor movement activities, like slides, rollercoasters, and swings. We tried to replicate that same experience with sledding, but he never enjoyed it.

And you know what? That’s fine if he doesn’t like it. Even though it’s a small thing, sometimes we have to look past our own personal biases. Even ones as simple as “Kids love the snow!”

Santa brought us some printer ink (yes, we are that boring sometimes), so I was excited to get going on some of these activities. We’re being extra cautious about where we go and staying home more.

But Kevin still has four more days at home, and I’m running out of sensory activities.

Snowflake STEM Worksheet

This is really cute and uses Q-Tips or cotton swabs. It’s a great snowflake worksheet that also uses fine motor skills.

If you are a teacher or have another reason why you may want to do this skill multiple times, you may want to print them on card stock and get them laminated.

Snowman Coloring Pages

This is really cute and good for all abilities. It can also be used for counting skills, matching skills, and more.

Winter Coloring Page

When I found this on Canva, it referenced cookies.

But, between the heart (valentines!), the snow, and the cocoa, this really is a winter-themed coloring page more than a holiday one, in my opinion.

Snowflake Coloring and Matching

Here is another one with snowflakes, matching, and coloring.

Snowflake Coloring

Parents and teachers have mixed feelings about word copying and lines, but you can ignore that part if you don’t use them. Or, use it as an opportunity to work on fine motor or practice handwriting skills.

Snowflake and snowman coloring worksheet.

Do you know what else happens in the winter? Groundhog Day! I have several Groundhog Day Activities for kids, but those printable worksheets and PDFs are in a separate post.

You can always use the search feature in the right sidebar, as I have lots of other fun activities to go with the seasons and holidays.

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