I recently shared another set of Easter coloring pages. Specifically, those free downloadable printable coloring pages were mostly Easter Bunny Coloring Pages. And, I got some requests to share coloring pages for older kids.

Kids who might find the Easter Bunny to be a little too babyish for them. One reader asked if I had anything with Easter Egg Mandalas. Well, yes, I was able to find such printables!

Coloring Pages for Easter Egg

This free printable coloring booklet of Easter eggs has over 20 different Easter eggs to color.

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Here are the printable Easter Egg Coloring Pages.

  1. Easter Egg Coloring Pages
  2. Easter Egg Coloring Booklet

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Easter Egg Coloring Booklet

Easter Egg Coloring Pages

If you do not want them all, just select the pages you want when doing the printing.

Mandalas and other older kid coloring themes have been said to decrease stress, in addition to the many other skills to be worked on. After all, what little kids do at Easter is often different than what we buy for an older kid Easter Basket.

Scroll down to see more Easter egg coloring pages, as I have the PDF split into two booklets.

Enjoy! Make sure you come back for our Christmas coloring pages.

Easter Egg Coloring Pages

You can scroll through them before you download and print the Easter Egg Coloring pages.


Are you searching for a fun and creative way to entertain your little ones this Easter season? With eight unique designs just waiting to be brought to life with splashes of color, these printable pages are the perfect activity for children of all ages.

There’s something here to spark the imagination of every budding artist.

Coloring Pages for Easter Egg

Whether you’re planning an Easter egg hunt, gathering with family and friends, or simply looking for a relaxing activity at home, these coloring pages provide endless possibilities for artistic expression.

So grab your crayons, markers, or colored pencils and get ready to dive into the world of vibrant hues and joyful creativity as we explore the enchanting allure of Easter egg coloring pages.

Easter coloring page featuring an egg.

Easter Egg Coloring Pages Printable


Easter is a time of celebration, renewal, and bright, beautiful colors. What better way to embrace the spirit of Easter than with our delightful collection of Easter Egg coloring pages, available absolutely free for you and your family to enjoy! Let’s dive into the world of creativity, imagination, and endless fun as we explore these charming Easter-themed coloring pages.

Here are the printable Easter Egg Coloring Pages.

  1. Easter Egg Coloring Pages
  2. Easter Egg Coloring Booklet

Why Easter Egg Coloring Pages?

Coloring has been a beloved activity for children and adults alike for generations. It offers not only a fantastic creative outlet but also several developmental benefits. Coloring helps improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and concentration. Moreover, it’s a relaxing way to unwind and express one’s artistic side.

Easter Egg Coloring Pages: Enjoy this festive coloring page for Easter.

Easter, with its vibrant traditions and symbolism, is a perfect occasion for creative expression. Easter eggs, in particular, are a universal symbol of this holiday. Our Easter Egg coloring pages allow you to bring these festive symbols to life in your unique way.


A Basketful of Designs

Our collection of Easter Egg coloring pages features a diverse array of designs, each more charming than the last. From intricately patterned eggs to whimsical Easter Bunny-themed eggs, you’ll find a variety of options to suit your taste. Whether you prefer traditional Easter colors or want to experiment with a rainbow of hues, these pages provide the perfect canvas for your artistic endeavors.

Unleash Your Imagination

One of the joys of coloring is that there are no boundaries. You have the freedom to use any colors you desire to create your unique Easter masterpieces. Want to give your Easter Bunny a polka-dotted bowtie or turn your egg into a work of abstract art? The possibilities are endless, and your imagination is your only limit.

Easter egg coloring page is a fun activity for kids during Easter. They can choose from a variety of beautiful eggs to color and decorate. Let their creativity shine as they use vibrant colors to bring life

Learning Through Easter Fun

While coloring is undoubtedly entertaining, it’s also a valuable learning experience. As children engage with these Easter Egg coloring pages, they develop essential skills such as color recognition, patience, and creativity. Additionally, it’s an excellent opportunity to discuss the meaning and traditions of Easter with your little ones, fostering a deeper understanding of this holiday’s significance.

Family Bonding

Coloring together is an excellent way to strengthen family bonds. Spend quality time with your loved ones as you embark on this creative journey. Share stories of your favorite Easter memories, and create new ones as you color them side by side. It’s a wonderful way to connect and make lasting memories.

How to Get Your Free Easter Egg Coloring Pages

Obtaining these delightful Easter Egg coloring pages is as easy as finding hidden treasures during an Easter egg hunt! Download and print them out as many times as you wish, ensuring hours of creative enjoyment for your family.

Coloring Easter Egg Page.

Share Your Easter Joy

We’d love to see the stunning Easter egg creations your family comes up with! Share their colorful masterpieces on social media using the hashtag #EasterEggArtistry. You might even get the chance to have your artwork featured on our website and social platforms.

These Easter egg coloring pages offer a fantastic opportunity for children and adults to explore their creativity, learn, and celebrate the spirit of Easter. It’s a timeless activity that brings the beauty and joy of Easter right into your home.

Therapeutic Benefits of Coloring

I love adding coloring pages or coloring to my clients’ IEPs. Coloring is so easy to individualize, and almost everyone loves to do it. And since coloring is being embraced by adults and teens alike, it’s perfect for any age.

  • task initiation (coloring something is an easy task to start for many)
  • task completion (make sure you choose a page that the person can complete)
  • practice and develop fine motor skills
  • storytelling (why did you color it that way?)
  • language development
  • peaceful, calming
  • can be done independently or in a group
  • hand-eye coordination or visual motor skills
  • helps unlock creativity
  • attention to detail

Happy Easter!

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