Inside: Learn how to make a really cool All About Me Worksheet for any age group, including teens and adults. Or, print off some of the free options and have the child fill them out.

Sending any young child out into the world is scary. Meeting new teachers can be nerve-wracking for kids, and for moms. Additionally, if we throw in some medical concerns, safety concerns and communication issues, and sometimes its a wonder how we do this.

There’s also a pretty high turnover rate in special education. So it often feels like our kids are getting new team members just as soon as we get used to the current ones.

all about me free printable worksheet template

All About Me Worksheet for Adults

My son has multiple seizures a day and is a choking risk for eating and feeding. So believe me I get it when parents are nervous about sending their kids into new environments who don’t know the child.

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What I like about this All About Me Worksheet is that even though he’s a teenager now, it’s not babyish. I can just change out the photo, update the information and it’s still a great handout.

I have more All About Me Worksheets for Adults in the PDF window if you scroll down.

All About Me Printable

He’s also non-speaking so he is unable to tell me stories about what happened during his day. I rely on his daily communication log a great deal.

During back to school time, this is a huge concern for families like ours.

Our different challenges mean we have extra concerns, and during August I will hear at least a thousand different versions of “how will my teacher know…” or “what if they don’t read the IEP on the first day?” and similar concerns.

FREE All About Me Worksheet

I also have templates for a IEP at a Glance if that is what you are looking for.

You can bring it to Back to School Night or your before-school meet and greet. If your school doesn’t do those, email it beforehand with an introduction.

Open, friendly communication can really set the tone for a successful school year.

Some of these All About Me Worksheets for Schools, are also good for use in the classroom. There are many that you can print out and have the students complete.

How to make an “All About Me sheet” for Back to School.

  1. Include your child to the maximum extent possible. Self Advocacy and Self Determination begins here!
  2. First, print mine. Or at least open it up and take notes. Look at the different categories and decide what you want on yours.
  3. Use Word or Canva. You can make one in Word, I would recommend a template for a one-page resume.
  4. Canva is better for pictures. If you want to add pictures and graphics, I recommend Canva. A basic account is free and you can use it for anything. I use it for Christmas cards and birthday party invitations.
  5. If you choose to use Canva, here is the link to the template that I used. Again, please use the “make a copy” feature.
  6. Open that template and “make a copy.” That way if you go in too deep and make some formatting changes that you cannot correct, you have a clean copy.
  7. Start editing. If you look on the left, you’ll have other template options.
    If you look on the upper left side, there is a spot to click “undo.” That button is your friend.
  8. Once you have it the way you want, you download it. You have several options including PNG and PDF format. PDF is what I recommend for printing.
  9. Have fun! Have fun with it. They have a zillion fonts and a zillion color choices.

All About Me Worksheet

Author’s Note: You sign up for a free account on, and then you can edit this ready-made version that I created. Or, they have a bunch of other cute templates. Then when you’re done, you can save it as a PDF for printing.

If you are looking for free PDF printable All About Me worksheets, here is an assortment to choose from.

There are options for all age groups, including All About Me for Adults.

All About Me Free Printable

Here’s how you make a printable for your child. Don’t be afraid of Canva–and I have troubleshooting tips below.

You can make it a printable PDF or a digital version to include in email. Both will be professional and gorgeous to look at. Most importantly, it will be memorable which is what you want.

If you cannot get the All About Me template to work in Canva:

First, do not email me. I will not respond to the email. The file is literally named “Make a Copy” and I still receive many requests to edit the original. I will not allow anyone to edit the original, because that messes it up for everyone.

A few tips:

You must have a Canva account. The FREE account will enable you to access this template. Just need email and password to start.

And trust me, you’ll come back for Christmas cards, party invitations, you name it!

This is why, I keep saying over and over….if you want to use this, please “Make a Copy” of the template. Then, rename the copy and work on that. That task only takes a few seconds.

And that’s it. Like I said, be patient. For me, using Canva was a bit of a learning curve. But once I got used to it I love it.

Print and take to back to school nights, Meet and Greets, maybe even first night of things like Scouts and team sports.

You can also download this PDF, but to edit it, you MUST have the paid version of Adobe.

This is what it looks like, the horizon image is a placeholder for a photo.

all about me template

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