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Everyone loves a good freebie and a free Leap app is a great freebie. The free LeapPad app codes are below but just wanted to let you know a few things. I update this post often with the latest and greatest deals on Leap Pads and LeapPad accessories.

So make sure you read it carefully, and please know that the prices were valid at the time the post was done. Some sites like Amazon change their prices quite frequently. Most of what I post is good for the Leap Pad 2, Leap Pad 3 and Leap Pad Ultra. We have a Leap Pad 1, Leap Pad 2 and Leap Pad Ultra.

LeapPads: Free Codes, Discount Codes, Apps, Games.

Keep your eyes on Amazon. Amazon always has great deals on Leap accessories, chargers, car adapters, games, carrying cases and anything else you need for your Leap pads.

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Free codes for LeapFrog Games

Use the below codes to get 2 FREE apps and save $15 through your LeapFrog Connect account for your LeapPad. Readers are reporting that they are still working, so good luck!

Alphabet Stew – Regular Price $7.50 – FREE with Code  5813-0790-4610-4973

The Book of Super Awesome Stuff – Regular Price $7.50 with Code 5813-1140-1518-1413

Redeeming these codes is easy. Just go to your account and look for the orange or yellow button on the left-hand side that says “redeem codes.” Enter the codes and voila, they’ll be added. I just did this myself prior to posting this and it worked. Hopefully, you will get yours before the limit is reached. I loaded ours onto our account but not onto the device yet. We have to shuffle around to make room, ours is full.


If you are looking for deals, discounts and coupons for LeapPad stuff, make sure you are following me. I post stuff like this quite often because I’m always searching for it myself.

Remember, prices on Amazon change all the time, so don’t delay if you think you want one.

Current as of 11/07

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