We didn’t even have home computers or printables when I was a kid (leaning on my cane and pointing my crooked finger at you!). For Halloween, we went “tic-tacking,” meaning you took feed corn and threw it at people’s windows and driveways.

I suppose these days, if you do that, you’ll be shot or arrested. You better stick to some free Halloween printables. A much safer Halloween activity.

RAOK for Halloween - a free game for kids.

Halloween is the season of spooky fun, but it’s also an excellent time to embrace the spirit of kindness and give back to your community.

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I know that one of the main pinnacles of Halloween is the phrase “trick or treat,” but does anyone really do tricks anymore?

Yes, some of the older kids also did the whole egg and toilet paper thing. I did not.

Whether you’re planning a party or simply looking for ways to brighten someone’s day, our Halloween-themed Random Acts of Kindness Printable is your go-to guide for spreading joy this holiday season.

Download our Halloween-themed Random Acts of Kindness Printable, which includes six beautifully designed cards with sayings like “You are as sweet as Halloween candy.” These cards are perfect for accompanying your acts of kindness and spreading spooky joy.

Halloween is all about embracing the magic of the season, and what better way to do that than by sharing kindness with your community?

Download your Random Acts of Kindness Printable, and let’s make this Halloween a season of giving, sharing, and spreading spooky smiles!

A Halloween poster featuring a RAOK.

I think it’s a great printable list of Halloween Ideas for Kids. Mine are both teens now, but they still get excited about junk food and some movies. My boys don’t trick-or-treat anymore, but they do need volunteer hours to graduate from high school. Why not do some of those hours around a Halloween activity?

Need Halloween movie ideas? I’ve got you covered.

Below are six Halloween-themed kindness cards you can hand out.

Printable Halloween kindness cards for RAOK.

Free Halloween Printables

And here you go. This is the free Halloween printable. Download it and print the pages that you need.

With 16 creative kindness ideas and six heartwarming cards, you can make a difference in your community while celebrating the spookiest day of the year.

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