Best Fantasy Football Team Names

If you play Fantasy Football, you know that one of the highlights is when your league competitors start to reveal their team names. You want your to be unique, clever…and reflect you! You also want a Fantasy Football Team Name that is hip and current, but has the staying power to be relevant throughout the entire season.

So where to start? Well, I’m going to share with you many ideas that you can just swipe and use. And, some idea generators for you to insert your uniqueness and come up with a Fantasy Football Team Name. And if you include kids in your league, you may need to keep it clean– Fantasy Football for Kids

fantasy football team names

Fantasy Football Names

Chances are, if you play FF, you’re an NFL fan. Right? So much of what you will see on this list will relate to, duh, football.

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Over the years, some of the players in my league have chosen movie character names and other inside snarky jokes that not everyone will get. You know your league best. Sometimes it is work related, and you can’t be too dirty or offensive. This would go for logos, trophies and prizes too.

To generate a fantasy football name, you need your starting point.

You may want to base it on your favorite team. For example, there’s a guy in our league who, every year, is “Dallas Sucks.” Maybe not clever, but to the point. Others that are safe, but express who you are, and it’s easy to find a corresponding logo or gif to use on your profile include:

  • Raider Nation
  • Chiefs Kingdom
  • Cheesehead
  • Go Birds
  • Raider Hater
  • Raiders of the Lost Yards

Or, maybe you want to pay homage to a favorite player or coach, past or present.

You can do this directly and simply.

  • Brady is the GOAT
  • Good Juju
  • Brees-y Like a Sunday Morning
  • the Brady Bunch, Brady Gaga, Dude looks like a Brady

Many FF players do this by using the player’s name in a phrase or rhyme that is a play on words.

You may want to wait until after your fantasy league draft, and see who your star players are first, and pick one of them.

Some ideas for this–

  • Chris Long/Howie Long: Been a Long Time Coming, Long Time No See, Take the Long Way Home
  • Cee Dee Lamb: A B CeeDee EFG,
  • One of the Kelce brothers: I Kelce what you did there; Kelce you later
  • Watt brothers: Watt Team, watt do you mean? watt did you say? watt more could you ask for? watt’s up?
  • Zack Ertz: Use Ertz as Hurts or Earth; Who’s on Ertz? Ertzlactly; My Ball Zack Ertz
  • Any player named Adams-Adams Family, Adams and Eve
  • Aaron Rogers: lots to go with here, from Mr Rogers Neighborhood to his vaccine debacle; or in place of ‘airing’ as in Aaron Things Out
  • Andy Reid: Reid and Learn, Reid em and weep; Reid all about it
  • Hurts: Hurts so Good, The Truth Hurts,
  • Mahomes: Take Mahomes Country Road, No Place Like Mahomes, Sherlock Mahomes
  • Carson Wentz: Came and Wentz, You Wentz There
  • Dak Prescott: Use as Back, such as Baby Got Dak, Dak to the Future, Dak where you came from
  • Kyler Murray: Use in place of “hurry” or “marry” as in Murray Up and Wait, Murray Me, Murray Christmas
  • Tua: Use instead of to; Tua Legit to Quit; 1 if by land Tua if by sea
  • Kenny Golladay-Use holiday; Happy Golladays
  • Saquon Barkley-All Barkley, No Bite; Saquon for the Team
  • Alvin Kamara (Camera)-Kamara Shy, Lights, Kamara, Action; The Kamara Adds 10 Pounds
  • Chris Godwin-Godwin Bless America
  • J’amarr Chase-The thrill of the Chase, Chase your dreams, Chase-ing Greatness
  • Player named Trey–50 shades of Trey
  • Have yourself Amari little Christmas
  • How the Gronk Stole Christmas
  • DeAndre Hopkins-Beats by DeAndre
  • Any player named Miles- I would walk 100 miles, I can see for Miles and Miles
  • JK Dobbins- Batman and Dobbins, Dobbins and Weaving
  • Last name Harris-Harris’ Day Off,
  • a Mc name such as McVey or McCaffrey–do a McDonald’s something such as I’m McLovin It.
  • Carr-dee B
  • Brown Bagging It
  • Inglorious Staffords
  • Stafford Infection
  • Cry Me a Rivers
  • Fitzmagic
  • To Khalil a Mockingbird

Non Football Team Names

These are movies or other pop culture, that are not NFL team related.

  • 1st and 9 ¾
  • Fumbledore

How do you add a gif to your Fantasy Football profile?

I get asked this a lot, because the gif I use really suits me. This will depend on the website you use to host your fantasy football league. But, I just saved it to my desktop (right click on it online to save) and then I uploaded it from there. Easy peasy, super brees-y.

This is updated annually.

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