Valentine’s Day Directed Drawing

I like Valentine’s Day for a lot of reasons. Sure, I can concede that it’s partly a made-up holiday fueled by the American marketing machine and consumerism. But, I can’t hate on a day dedicated to celebrating love and friendship. Plus, it’s a bright spot in a dreary part of the year. So hey, let’s add some Valentine’s Day Directed Drawing Activities to our plans.

Directed Drawing is something that has been around forever. But in a trend of “what is old is new again” it is seeing a resurgence in popularity. I thought it was a cute kids’ activity to include on my site, because many parents and teachers struggle to find things to do for Valentine’s Day. And, there are only so many things to do with hearts.

valentine directed drawing

Directed drawing has tremendous value for our kids, in addition to just being something fun to do on a holiday school day.

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What is Directed Drawing?

Directed drawing is a “how to approach to drawing something.” The adult guides, or directs, students in the steps to create a drawing. This can be done verbally or visually, using video or whiteboard. Or, at home just on paper.

Also, it doesn’t have to be an adult. There’s no reason this can’t be done as a peer to peer or small group activity. Each person can take turns reading, directing, drawing or coloring.

If a child asks “How do I draw Cupid?” it might feel daunting to explain how. That’s why directed drawing worksheets are so popular. That’s all done for you.

Benefits of Directed Drawing

There are so many benefits to directed drawing! Of course it should go without saying, that if you have a child that struggles with any of the skill sets listed below, the activity should be modified to meet their needs.

  • Verbal and Visual Processing: Hearing a direction given, then having to process it and do it.
  • Following Directions
  • Sequencing
  • Multi-Sensory Learning-Listening, looking and drawing/coloring
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Sense of Pride/Accomplishment (child able to draw something they may not have been otherwise able to do)

Valentine’s Day Directed Drawing Activity

We all remember how we felt the day of the Valentine’s Day school party, right? So anxiously awaiting both our valentines and the cupcakes and whatever other treats we were going to get! It felt like it took forever for the afternoon to arrive.

Using these directed drawing worksheets are a great way to pass time during the school day. If the class is struggling with focus, you can do this instead of the usual content. And, they can still be learning something!

Free Printable Valentine Directed Drawing

Ok, I think that’s enough gushing about why you should do directed drawing–here you go!

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