IEP Binder Organization for Parents

Most of us have various stacks of papers and folders around our house, but when we need it, it is still hard to find what you want. Am I right?

I am so excited about this. This is an idea that I have had in my head for quite some time, I just never was able to make it happen. You know how hard it is to manage IEP paperwork. If you struggle with IEP organization, then this is for you.

I searched high and low for something like this and it just didn’t exist. I struggled to come up with the best way to organize IEP paperwork and I think I may have found it. IEP organization does not have to be challenging. You can organize your IEP paperwork (and reduce your stress!) with a little guidance and direction.

Why IEP Organization is Important

In the blogging world, we have a saying. “Content is king.” The same goes for the IEP World. Your documentation and paper trail is everything.

I find many parents struggle to define their kids’ IEP issues. They see the struggles. They know something isn’t right, but are unable to define it in a manner that gets cooperation from the IEP team. Or, they ask for things that they know are needed, but do not have the documentation to make the ask.

iep toolkit

First, you organize. Then, you ask.

I always wanted to create an IEP organizer, I just couldn’t. I’m terrible at graphic design type stuff and over the years I made several attempts to make one, but just couldn’t. I wanted to create something that would not only make the piles of paper look pretty, but help parents in a functional way. Finally, I did it.

Throughout the years, I have learned so much from parents. And one of my main takeaways is this: Our kids are different. Our IEP issues are the same.

And knowing that, I developed the 4-step process to organizing your IEP and developing a concrete action plan to address your concerns.

My 4-Step IEP Toolkit™ became reality.

I struggled with how to provide the IEP Organizer to you, parents. I looked into getting them printed with binders and folders and I just couldn’t afford to do it. Even if I sold them that way, it’s a logistical nightmare as I do not want to be a warehouse here in my tiny home. I am still trying to figure out a way to do that, but for now this is it.

So, here it is in PDF format. Once you purchase it, you print it off. Other items I recommend you have:

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy and you can reuse some of the items from year to year. I felt that the printable format was best because you can use the same format year after year. There is no need to purchase a new one each year if I sold it already printed.

How to Organize your IEP.

Here are the easy steps to putting this together.

  • Gather everything you have. The IEP Toolkit™ has checklists and worksheets for what you need to gather.
  • Organize it chronologically.
  • Use the various checklists within the toolkit to do your own IEP Record Review.
  • Use the sections of the IEP Toolkit™ to define, communicate, and follow up.

I am telling you, the IEP Toolkit™ is one of the best investments you will make in your advocacy for your child.

See how it’s designed to work? No more IEP surprises when all of a sudden you are receiving Permission to Evaluate forms and IEP meeting invitations. If you plan for the dates ahead of time, you can have your documentation ready.

iep binder

Thank you and happy organizing!

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