Daily Affirmations for Kids

Honestly, the first and only time I really followed anything about daily affirmations was a satire account for Philadelphia. It just listed nuisances we find in daily life around here, it’s a pretty funny Instagram account.

Then, I have this friend. He’s contributed to this site before, as he is a teacher, a pastor and an NAACP leader. He started saying stuff about daily affirmations and how they work for him. I value his opinion, so I tried it.

daily affirmation for kids free pdf

My daily affirmations of course are going to be different from daily affirmations for kids.

I started out small and simple for myself. I would say a task that I really wanted to complete that day. Usually one that kept falling off my radar.

And, yeah, they work.

So then I moved on to bigger stuff, like “I will kick ass on my to-do list today” or “I will finish those 3 client letters today.”

And it still worked.

So here I am. Looking for ways we can use this with kids.

And I thought, why not in their lunch box? It could be a nice way to mix it up with the lunch box jokes and other things.

Here is what the daily affirmations for kids look like.

Even if you’re not going to use them in a lunch box, why not put them at their seat at the breakfast table?

I’m going to be on the lookout for more. I have a middle schooler, so these won’t work for him. I have just been handwriting them.

Previously I might put a note at breakfast or lunch that said “good luck on that test today!” Now I have just changed it up a bit to an affirmation. Something like “You are going to CRUSH IT in your Basketball Game today!”

Yes, if a person is going to recite an affirmation, it should be in the first person. But hey, we’re talking about kids here. And, they may need a little nudge to get into doing this.

I saw how this works when my son was doing tryouts for travel basketball recently. He used to always accuse me of having “mom goggles” when I’d say something like “you are just as good at basketball as those kids.”

Then, I got him to say it to me in the car. Guess what? He made the cut. I firmly believe that him saying it out loud helped give him the confidence.

Positive Affirmations for Kids PDF

Here you go–the free printable affirmations for kids. Have fun with them and make sure you subscribe so that you don’t miss future printables like this one.


  • Fine Motor Skills-Games, crafts and coloring activities are a great way to use and practice a child’s fine motor skills.
  • Speech and Language– Many parents seek out a language-rich environment for their child. Any activity can be an opportunity to use and repeat new words and language, mimicking sounds, new vocalizations and articulations.
  • Executive Functioning Skills– Depending on the game or activity, it can be an opportunity to practice executive functions such as working memory, sequencing, following directions, task initiation and more.
  • Handwriting and Fluency- This piggybacks onto the language skills a child needs, but with worksheets, coloring pages and games, they can be a low-risk opportunity to practice handwriting and fluency.
  • Practicing Previously Acquired Skills-Applying already acquired skills across all environments, bring the classroom teaching into the real world.
  • Sensory-Textures, sounds, taste, vestibular, interoception, anything!
  • Social Awareness-Practice traditional social skills in a safe environment, such as: joint attention, taking turns, reciprocating conversation, waiting politely, and more.
  • Gross Motor-If you’re in a new place, practice walking across uneven surfaces, new surfaces, inclines & declines, stairs, or increasing endurance.

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