10 Tips for the Atlantic City Airshow You Should Know.

Should you go the Atlantic City Airshow?

In a word, absolutely! We just got back from our 3rd or 4th time attending the Atlantic City Airshow (2019) and I am already counting down the days until next year. This year, we did something different. We attended the Atlantic City Airshow practice instead of the airshow. More on that in a bit.

the thunderbirds do a fly by at the atlantic city airshow practice

The Atlantic City Airshow

More Atlantic City Airshow Travel Tips:

  • The Practice Day is less crowded than the airshow day, but there is no schedule to follow. And, you won’t see all of the acts. Still, it’s a great option.
  • The Atlantic City Boardwalk isn’t like other boardwalks. Mind you, I have never once felt unsafe there. But, it just doesn’t have as much to offer as other family-oriented boardwalks. There aren’t as many restaurants and fun junky boardwalk shops like you may find in Ocean City or Rehoboth.
  • Atlantic City is one of the many New Jersey beaches that offer beach wheelchairs.
  • Casinos: Yes, AC is loaded with casinos. Some take up a block or more of boardwalk space. They have stores and restaurants inside them, but we’re always dressed for the beach when we go, so we don’t enter. Plus, I can eat at PF Chang’s anytime…who wants to go there at the beach?
  • Bring: sunblock, umbrella, towels, beach chairs, snacks and binoculars. If you go for the whole day, you could be sitting on the beach for 5-8 hours.
  • Parking: Lots of area parking. Most of it is $10 for the day.
  • Traffic: Traffic is bad the day of the actual show. If you hate traffic as much as Murray Goldberg, then go to the practice day, or plan on arriving really early. One year we missed the first hour of the show due to traffic. Also, plan on walking the boardwalk or going to the outlets or something afterward. Traffic getting out of the city right after the show is brutal.
  • Getting There: Super easy to get to. The Atlantic City Expressway dumps you right at Caesar’s and Atlantic Avenue, where Boardwalk Hall is.
  • Love thy Neighbor: If you go the day of the show, you will literally be sitting right next to someone on the beach. Almost a half-million people come to watch the show. Just food for thought.

See you next year!

For us, I like to do one last beach day before school starts and this fits the criteria perfectly. Perfect timing and perfect activity…even if we are shoobies.

Since we went to the Atlantic City Airshow practice day yesterday, as I am writing this, the airshow is taking place. So….we’ll see you there next year! Can’t wait!

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