Buying a Home While Disabled

Buying a home while disabled may feel impossible but here are 11 programs available to help you. I’ve compiled a list of various state and federal resources that may help you buy a home if you are disabled.

I was recently asked this question. “Are there any programs that can help me buy my first home. I have a disability and need help with this hold {sic} process. Can you please help me find someone that might specialize in this area to help me and my family. Thank you.”

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Well, ok. Kind of beyond the scope of what takes place in an IEP meeting, but I’ll take a stab at it. What I found was mostly federal programs and federal information, which should be applicable for New Jersey (where you listed you’re from).

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You should also check out: Ask the Pros: How to Make an Easy Living for Family Members with Disabilities

How to Buy a Home While on Disability

You may also want to contact your local Arc or other agency that helps people with disabilities. They may know about some local programs. So if you are an adult living with a disability and you are trying to purchase a home, here are some programs that may help you.

Please note, I didn’t research making a home accessible. That’s a different post for a different day. Sometimes grants and other programs are available to make a house accessible, which is different from buying a home.


Please check out my list of Federal Agencies that assist people with disabilities which includes a list of all 50 Protection and Advocacy groups. If you feel you are being discriminated against, you may need their assistance.

11 Home Buying Programs for Disabled People

  1. New Jersey-Dept of Disability Services, they may be able to help.
  2. Article from Disabled World-lists options for USA and UK, American home buying options.
  3. HUD-information and guidelines for HUD programs
  4. Advice on getting started on home buying if you are disabled, from
  5. List of possible bank/financing options, from BankRate
  6. Special Home Buying Programs for people with disabilities-Pennsylvania only
  7. Mortgage Loan options
  8. HHS information on disabilities and home ownership
  9. Local information for the State of Maryland
  10. Local information-Connecticut
  11. Can you use SSI or SSDI to purchase a home?

Home Buying Assistance for Disabled Veterans

If you are a disabled veteran, that should make more programs available. Contact your closest VA if that is the case.

*Please note, I am not endorsing or promoting any of the above programs. I had a reader ask me to look for information, so I did.

I hope this list helps put you on the path to home ownership! Good luck and keep us posted!

{this was published in 2014 but recently republished to check links}

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