Easy Fundraisers for Schools

It’s back to school time, and I swear, every time I turn around, I’m writing another check for this or that. I only have 2 kids, I don’t know how larger families do it, or those with less income. You want to help, right?

But we cannot support every fundraiser that comes along. I think that most people would agree that our public schools are not adequately funded. It gets exhausting that every time you turn around, someone is asking for donations.

donations for schools

I set a budget and try to stick to it. I wish it could be more. So I have been trying more and more ways to donate to schools without actually giving money. You’d be surprised at the different options that are out there. Here are different ways you can make free donations for school without actually giving money or cash.

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Fundraising Apps for Schools

Charity Miles: Charity Miles is an app that I’ve been using for a few years. It’s great for generating donations for schools and encouraging me to get out and walk more. It’s very simple. You install the app. Tap it to get started when you are going out for a walk, run, or bike ride. You choose a charity that you wish to support.

I usually choose Pencils for Promise or Special Olympics, but there are several education charities on there. Then, do your workout and tap when completed to learn how much you earned for the charity that day. I usually walk a  mile to a mile and a half, and it’s $0.30 to $0.35 each time. Sure, not huge amounts but it adds up and encourages me to walk.

Companies that Donate to School Fundraisers

  1. Box Tops for Education: Box Tops is the General Mills program. Ask if your school is enrolled. Then, look for specially marked products, purchase them and save the Box Tops. We eat a lot of GM stuff (Cheerios!) in this house and we end up donating almost $100 every year. There’s even an app now for Box Tops. I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks like you can scan receipts and get points, without clipping the actual box tops.
  2. Labels for Education: It’s the same program as Box Tops, but for Campbell’s, Pepperidge Farm (goldfish!), and Bic, including many other brand names. If you are using these products anyway, might as well, clip the labels and save them. **To make this easier, I keep a small plastic container inside of one of my kitchen cabinets. That way as we finish a box of cereal, I can just clip it and keep it in there. Also, clipping the labels or box tops and counting them is a great fine motor and math skill for kids.
  3. Grocery stores: Our Giant has a program where you register your shopper card and pick a school. Then, each year they donate 1% to the school that you chose. If you have a large district that is going to shop at a store anyway, this can really add up. Ask at your local grocery store.
  4. Donate miles: Many frequent flier programs have it set up so that you can donate your miles.
  5. Schoola: Schoola is a new website. It’s an online consignment site and they donate 40% to schools. Great way to recycle rather than trash items, earn some money and help your school.
  6. Amazon Smile: A charity can register with Amazon Smile and then when people shop at Amazon (and choose Amazon Smile) they get 1%. The downside is that I don’t always remember to choose Amazon Smile before finalizing my purchase and I only sometimes get the pop-up reminder.

Quick and Easy Fundraising Ideas for Schools

In-Kind donations or your time: If you don’t have money to give, see what else you have to offer. Your time? What about gifts in kind? I used to be a pretty serious couponer back in the day and would always have tons of free school supplies. I often donated them to students in need or to the school.

Offer to run a fundraiser, solicit area businesses or ask your employer to choose your charity as the one they will support this year for United Way. Collect bottles, cans, or scrap metal and see if you can turn it in for a donation. What about printer cartridges? Some places pay for those, so you can collect them from your office.

Company Matching Charity Donations

But if you are donating money, see if you can combine school and other efforts. For example, many businesses really encourage their employees to participate in the United Way campaign.

We do that, and then we designate the donation to go to K’s school. So, my husband participates at work, and we are still helping the school.

What other ideas have you used? I am sure there are some that I forgot and I will update the post.

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