Dolls with Disabilities

Kids need dolls and toys that resemble them. Sure, it’s great to have toys that you aspire to be, like an astronaut or scientist. But if every astronaut or scientist you see is an able-bodied white male, it changes the way a child thinks. If a child is disabled, they need disabled dolls and toys.

This is an older post that used to be called Dolls with Special Needs, but I am moving away from using the phrase Special Needs.

an assortment of disabled dolls

It’s so important for kids to see toys and dolls with disabilities. To have them play in their imaginary world and do things normalizes it for real life. Here are more than 25 dolls and action figures with disabilities.

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I’ve also included accessories for toys and action figures you might already have, plus where to buy them. These disabled dolls and action figures are not always easy to find.

Disability Awareness Dolls

American GirlAmerican Girl has a great assortment for kids. While I’ll admit that they are not cheap, they are super cute! You can buy a wheelchair, a walker, hearing aids and much more. If you keep scrolling down, you’ll see I have listed similar items at Toys R Us that are less expensive.

american girl doll doing physical therapy
This is a girl doing PT! How adorable!
american girl white cane
You could copy this idea and make a white cane for any doll.
journey girl t1 diabetes kit

American Girl Wheelchair

american girl wheelchair

Barbie– Barbie is finally getting it right and adding disabilities to the lineup.

barbie with wheelchair prosthetic

Playmobil-There’s a movement out there called “Toys Like Me” and these folks got Playmobil to make some toys that look like our kids. Never doubt what motivated parents can do.

playmobil disabled toys
Service dogs!
playmobil wheelchair

Build a BearBuild a bear has hearing aids and a few other accessories that you can add on to their existing dolls/stuffed animals. For example here is the $2 Hearing Aid you can buy and put on any stuffed animal.

hearing aid for stuffed animals

And they have a seizure helmet! A seizure helmet!

seizure helmet for doll

Flaghouse– Is a toy/educational games make that offers the following accessories for dolls: Wheelchair, Vinyl Glasses, Forearm Crutches, Leg Braces, Walker, Seeing Eye Dog and Cane, and Dark Vinyl Glasses.

dolls with disabilities
Available on Amazon.

Lakeshore-Another great retailer of educational stuff, stimmy toys, sensory…you name it. They have a decent selection of disabled toys and dolls, I’ve put them here because they are available on Amazon.

LegoLego City has some mini figures that use wheelchairs.

lego wheelchair figure

Toys R UsToys R Us has a whole line called Journey Girls. Journey Girls has cool accessories like a wheelchair and a T1 insulin kit for dolls. Journey Girls is the same concept as American Girl dolls, but much more affordable!

Ok, obviously TRU is out of business, but Journey Girls is available on Amazon.

journey girl wheelchair set
Click to see it on Toys R Us.

Shadow Buddies-Shadow Buddies don’t look very realistic as far as the face and body, but they have everything! They have g-tube dolls, seizure helmets, prosthetics, surgery, and much more.

seizure buddy

Star Wars-I’ve heard that you can buy Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader with their prosthetic arms, but I could not find them.

Ringside Collectibles-I was so pleased to find this WWE toy! Take a look! If your kids have the WWE action figures, they can get accessories for them.

wwe wheelchair set

Etsy shop- AFOs for dolls?! Yes, please!

afo for dolls

Fisher Price-This item you will likely only find via resale on Amazon or Ebay, but it’s super cool. I have it up above in the Amazon ad.

fisher price wheelchair
Fisher Price wheelchair-fits most Little People, if you can find it!

Barbie-Mattel used to offer Barbie items, but they took a lot of heat when the Barbie wheelchair didn’t fit in the Barbie dreamhouse. Oops! You can still find dolls and accessories, but again, look to Ebay and Amazon.

barbie wheelchair

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