Christmas Thank You Notes

First, how adorable are these Christmas thank-you notes? And, hello! Free and printable! When I saw these, I thought “I have to share these with my readers.”

I’m a stickler for thank-you notes. Call me old-fashioned, but I think it’s something kids need to do–express gratitude and not take things for granted. Even when a grandparent says “Oh, they don’t have to do that!” I make mine do it.

These Christmas thank-you notes are fill-in-the-blank to make it easier for younger kids or those who struggle with reading or writing due to a learning disability.

And, I hear from so many parents who tell me that traditional holiday activities, many of which are considered fun, are anything but for their child.

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Such as, filling out holiday cards, writing a letter to Santa, writing names on Valentines, and writing any kind of note.

If you have dysgraphia or otherwise struggle with handwriting, writing is rarely fun. And I hate to see kids robbed of these activities and rites of passage. Getting new stuff for Christmas is fun. But it’s also gratifying to let someone know you appreciate them and our kids should be able to experience this.

Enter printable Christmas Thank You Notes.

Free Printable Christmas Thank You Notes

These are super cute, aren’t they?

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, there’s a snowman and a penguin. And those Christmas notes have no mention of a holiday, so they can be used any time during winter.

Reduce your child’s workload and make this activity easier on them. Success increases confidence.

I hope you enjoy these free Christmas Thank You Notes, and I hope they bring peace to a task that may have been challenging for you in the past.

Have a wonderful season!

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