Free Letters from Santa Claus by Mail

Would your child enjoy a free mailed letter from Santa? Who wouldn’t? A letter from Santa can be so fun to receive. And, here’s a secret. It can be a great way to set expectations for your child as far as what is going to be under the tree on Christmas day.

I used this idea with my boys when they were beginning to have doubts about Santa. It was a great way to keep the magic alive for just one more year. (we all know at some point, they’re going to learn the truth on the school bus!)

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During this busy season, I hope you can take time to create memories and enjoy activities together. Kids enjoy these Christmas activities and it gets everyone away from their gadgets for a while.

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Please note: This is a list of places of where you can get a letter from Santa mailed to your child.

Most are free, some are worth the few bucks they are charging. But, if you are looking for a Letter to Santa template, I have that in a separate post.

Letters from Santa Ideas

Some of these examples of letters from Santa require planning. If you look at their websites, many of them have deadlines.

If you’re short on time or missed the deadline, don’t lose hope! You can still type up a letter from Santa. Insert a fancy signature using a script font. Then, either take it to the post office yourself to mail, or you can email it to a friend to do for you.

You can exchange with a family so that you mail their letters and they mail yours. This way, the child still receives it in the mail which will increase authenticity.

Free Letters from Santa

Click HERE for Letters from Santa Claus from Santa Claus, Indiana: Since 1914, children have enjoyed receiving letters from Santa Claus for free. You can receive a written letter from Santa Claus as well! Mail a letter with a legible return address to:

Santa Claus
PO Box 1
Santa Claus, IN 47579

Every letter mailed to Santa Claus before December 21st, will receive a letter back from Santa Claus himself! The earlier you can send in your letter the better.

These are volunteers hard at work so if you would like to help pay for postage, donations would greatly be appreciated. They can be sent to the address listed above as well.

Kids really enjoy this one, and make sure that you point out the postmark on the envelope.

Letters From Santa

Remember that in order to receive a letter from Santa, kids should write a letter to Santa. These fun, memorable activities can be a great way to practice handwriting, fine motor skills, language, literacy and so much more.

Macy’s Mail a Letter to Santa

Macy’s will donate $1 for every mailed letter to the Make a Wish Foundation, up to $1,000,000.

Free Personalized Story Recording from Santa

A Story Before Bed will give you a FREE recording of Santa reading your child a story! All you need is your email address and your child’s name. You will need to confirm the email that you receive from A Story Before Bed and then you will receive a link to your child’s personalized story. Quantities are limited and this usually sells out, so hurry!

FREE Santa Tracker

Track Santa at This free site takes a minute to load. You can see where Santa is on his journey and how soon they need to get in bed so he can make his stop.

Printable Letters From Santa

Here are some great free options to personalize a letter from Santa and print it yourself. You will have to set up an account on Canva, but it’s free. (and I use Canva for EVERYTHING!) so you may end up loving it.

This is my favorite site because it has so many options. You can choose what you want your letter to look like and what you want to write. Then, you can print it at home and mail it at your convenience.

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