Santa Letter Template

When your child has a learning disability, they don’t only have the disability from 8-3 on school days. Right? They have it all the time. Sometimes people just don’t understand how a disability can take even what is the most fun and festive of activities, and ruin it.

Like writing a letter to Santa. Wouldn’t that task be easier if there was a Santa Letter Template?

free santa letter template

Many kids who have a reading or writing disability really dislike, duh, reading and writing. And why shouldn’t they? If they associate this activity with all things negative, why would you want to do it in your free time?

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It makes me sad to think of a child who wants to write a letter to Santa but just struggles with reading or writing, enough that they avoid this activity. So, here you go. A free Letter to Santa template. All you have to do is print it and work on it with your child.

Please note: This is for letters TO Santa. If you want to receive a free Letter from Santa, I have those listed separately.

I have the Free Santa Letter Template below. Just print and work on it together. There’s no reason that a letter to Santa should bring the tears and frustration that some homework brings.

Macy’s Letters to Santa

This is one of our favorite activities. Either we visit the Herald Square location in NYC, or we go to the big one in center city Philadelphia. At both locations, they have a desk and little area set up for kids to write a letter to Santa.

This is my son writing a letter to Santa at Macy’s.

brian writing a letter to santa at Macy's

And, from now until December 24, you can send a letter to Santa, and Macy’s will donate $1 to Make a Wish.

Do your own letter first. Then let your child look over your shoulder while you type the letter into Macy’s Make a Wish section. Or, of course, if they are good at keyboarding, have them do it.

Have fun, Merry Christmas and I hope that this makes at least one of your Christmas tasks a little more enjoyable. For you and your child.

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