Teen Advent Calendars

I am so done with candy. I feel like from Halloween to Easter, it’s a non-stop barrage of candy and junk food. But my son has already asked me if we’re getting “one of those things where you open the doors until Christmas.” So I’m on the hook for an advent calendar.

And probably last minute Elf on the Shelf ideas. But that’s another story. I have an Advent Calendar that we’ve used for almost 20 years. It’s wooden with 24 little drawers. For the years that I purchased an advent calendar online, I usually took the little things out and put them in the drawers.

advent calendars for teens

Advent calendars are a wonderful family tradition. Particularly if you have a visual learner in your home. Or, a child that struggles with some executive functioning issues like understanding concepts of time.

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There’s a little something for everyone in here.

Advent Calendars for Teenagers

The best advice I have is this. If you cannot find a pre-packaged out of the box advent calendar for your teenager, then I highly recommend making one. I don’t mean make the whole thing!

But come up with 24 different small gifts for your teenager. If 24 seems too much, do the 12 days of Christmas instead and only buy half as much.

You can find great stuff to fill it with just about anywhere. Think about trial sized cosmetics, the little bins of stuff at Ulta, Target Dollar Spot and Dollar Tree. Candy, sports cards, socks, hair accessories, nail polish…so many options.

And hey, stick with me here–but you know how our kids used to make up those coupons for us for Mothers Day and stuff? “Good for one hug” and all that?

Give them coupons! No, not corny stuff like hugs. Teenagers are too cool for that. Make it for a free chore such as the dishes or taking out the trash. A ‘get out of jail free’ card for the next time they get in trouble. Coupons to pick the meals for dinner if they don’t usually get to. You get it–what would be a real treat for your teen or tween?

Staying up late? An app? A music download? In-game purchases that they make on Xbox and stuff? There are lots of possibilities.

Here are some wooden advent calendars below for you to use. You can purchase them once and use year after year.

Wooden Advent Calendars

Gingerbread House:  This wooden calendar house includes 24 interchangeable wooden drawers for you to hide surprises in…great for years of holiday fun!

gingerbread house advent calendar
wooden advent calendar

I love this wooden Advent Calendar from Kohl’s. Right now it’s on sale for $38 and will last a lifetime. You can fill it with whatever you want. I use coins, IOUs, small gift cards and stuff like that.

LED Wooden Advent Calendar. This reminds me of a London boarding school, like the one where Madeline lived with Miss Clavel. It’s perfect if you don’t want something too red and green-y or flashy.

kohls advent calendar

Best Teen Advent Calendars 2024

If you get a new countdown every year, then you definitely want to stay with the latest trends.

Still hot this year:

  • Harry Potter Advent Calendar
  • Nintendo Advent Calendar
  • Fortnite
  • Marvel

Best Tween Advent Calendars

Tweens can be tricky. Sometimes they like kid stuff like Minions and LEGO, and sometimes not. If all else fails, ask them!

Mega Bloks Despicable Me Minions Movie: Featuring 24 different holiday-themed surprises, which you can open and build each day, this exclusive seasonal set includes three never-before-seen buildable Minions in special festive outfits. Right now, just $19.99!

tsum tsum advent calendar disney

Disney Tsum Tsum Countdown to Christmas:  Includes 18 Tsum Tsum figures: six large, six medium, and six small…all in holiday attire. TsumTsum tends to be popular with kids who are into anime type stuff.

Count down to Christmas…with slime. Always a sensory pleaser! Here’s a Christmas Countdown with a new slime each day.

slime advent calendar

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar.  For the little Star Wars fan in your life. This one has really good reviews on Amazon and is recommended for ages 6-14. Husbands will like it too. This is also a good choice if you need an idea for a teenager.

star wars advent calendar

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