Do you love Shark Week? We do! My husband says that the newer Shark Weeks aren’t as good as the older ones, but my kids still enjoy it. Shark Week is fun for everyone, preschool to adults.

And like most things, I try to do an all-around, multi-sensory activities for an event. In other words, when it’s Shark Week, we don’t just watch TV.

shark in the ocean for shark week

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We read shark books, do shark crafts, do shark lesson plans to go with skills we are reinforcing at home, have shark snacks and my boys love it.

Shark Week Crafts and Activities for Adults

Shark Week isn’t just for kids anymore. Think about what you can do as far as a pool party or gathering. There are so many possibilities. During the summer, in the workplace, many people take their vacation time and it can be pretty dull.

But, you can add in snacks, games and drinks to make it more fun.

Take a look at this idea from Made With Happy.

shark cocktail
Click Image to get recipe.

Here are more of the best Shark Themed Crafts and Activities I could find on Pinterest.

When is Shark Week?

Shark Week 2023 is July 11-18. You can find all the shows on the Discovery Channel.

Shark Week, the TV one, is always in the summer. It’s a great way to have fun in the summer while you’re at work or ESY.

If I didn’t link to instructions for a project, it’s because I couldn’t find them. Only the picture was available.

I figured some of you crafty types could either figure it out or modify it.

Shark-themed Snacks

Some of these snacks are perfect for the adult workplace too.

  • Gummy Sharks make a great treat to go along with your activities.
  • Shark Cookies (cute, they added a surfer to them)
  • Shark Cupcakes
  • Shark Cake Pops
Watermelon carved like a shark
I wish I knew who originally posted this to Pinterest, it’s so cute!

Shark Crafts and Coloring Pages

shark and whale craft made from clothespins

Preschool Shark Activities

shark made from a paper plate

Shark Songs and Printables

shark craft with paint

Free IEP Binder
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