The 40 Coolest Shark Activities, Crafts and Games.

shark activities and crafts with shark swimming in ocean
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Shark Week Crafts and Activities for Kids

Do you love Shark Week? We do! My husband says that the newer Shark Weeks aren’t as good as the older ones, but my kids still enjoy it. And like most things, I try to do an all-around, multi-sensory activities for an event. In other words, when it’s Shark Week, we don’t just watch TV.

shark activities and crafts
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We read shark books, do shark crafts, do shark lesson plans to go with skills we are reinforcing at home, have shark snacks and my boys love it. Here are the best Shark Themed Crafts and Activities I could find on Pinterest.

When is Shark Week?

At the time this is being published, Shark Week 2019 was not announced. In past years, it usually starts the 3rd Sunday or July. Or somewhere around there. Here is the official kids Shark Week page on Discovery website.

If I didn’t link to instructions for a project, it’s because I couldn’t find them. Only the picture was available. I figured some of you crafty types could either figure it out or modify it.

Shark-themed Snacks

I wish I knew who originally posted this to Pinterest, it's so cute!
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