Weighted Calming Plush Toys

We tried the whole weighted blanket thing. And, I did an entire separate article on how my weighted blanket caused pain for me. Extreme pain. However, I still believe in and enjoy the concept of weighted items having a calming effect for anxiety, autism, etc. I really wanted to have something to use for both myself and my kids.

Which is why I’m thrilled that weighted calming toys are becoming more common. I can’t believe I am almost 50 years old and I am this excited about a stuffed animal. But Happy the Hedgehog, we just love him! Just wait until you get one. I guarantee that you will be using it as much as your kids.

weighted calming toy
Harry wearing an assortment of the calming bottles we made.

Benefits of Weighted Calming Toys

There are many benefits to a person using a weighted calming toy. I mean, in addition to finding it calming and soothing.

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  • Easier to use/access than a blanket
  • more fun and age appropriate than a weighted blanket
  • child can access independently
  • parent can use it as a visual cue that the child needs a calming force in their life at that moment

Our Favorite Weighted Sensory Toy

I get many requests to try out products for the blog. I turn down most of them. I said yes to Faber-Castell, and I didn’t ask what they were sending me. I was familiar with their art products from when I was a kid.

To be honest, I was hoping for and expecting maybe some pastels, maybe some watercolors. I’ve been doing the adult coloring book thing for a while now and was looking for some new stuff.

weighted calming toys for kids
Tap image to see the assortment online.

The box came and I was a bit disappointed when I opened it. It was two craft supply boxes and a stuffed animal. “Ugh,” I thought. “I forgot to tell her the specifics about my kids.”

And by that, I mean that my kids usually are not interested in crafts or plush toys.

calming weighted plush toys under 10

I set the box aside, wondering who I could get to review the products. My kids just aren’t into crafts or stuffed animals.

weighted sensory toy
My 9-year-old relaxing with Harry. (we renamed ours)

Then, Brian saw the box and asked what was in it. Unenthusiastically, I told him.

Honestly, he wanted to get the sensory calming bottles out right then and there and start making them. Then he saw the hedgehog and opened the box.

We didn’t notice that the box said Happy. And since it was around the time of the Royal Wedding and Brian likes alliteration as much as I do, he named him Harry. We cannot put him down. If you get one, you won’t be able to stop touching the sequins.

Over the past decade, we have purchased dozens of calming and sensory toys. Harry is our Number One. So far he has held up to daily petting and use from all family members. I love that he is weighted and stands upright. He’s cute and not too babyish. Perfect for boys and girls. After school, evenings, weekend mornings…you can almost guarantee that one of us is holding Harry/Happy the Hedgehog while watching TV or having coffee.

Best Weighted Sensory Toy

Calming and sensory toys have been around forever. They are perfect for kids and adults. Those with autism and sensory needs, anxiety, stress, or who just need to regroup and calm down will all find a friend with Happy the Hedgehog.

As a parent, Happy is a great visual cue for me. When I see one of the kids actively looking for Happy to sit with him for a bit, I know that they might have something they want to talk about, or just some extra comfort.

Happy the Hedgehog

Happy does more than just help you chill.

He comes with reusable stickers (they have a felt feel to them) so that you can decorate and un-decorate him. Fantastic fine motor activity! We lost our stickers already, which leads me to believe that perhaps a dog ate them. Oh well, that’s how it goes sometimes!

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