Transition IEP Goals

We all want our kids to live as independently as possible. Sometimes when I think about it, I kinda can’t believe that my Dad just dropped me off somewhere 150 miles away and expected me to figure it out. They never gave me any instruction, just expected me to learn by watching.

I hafta say, I nailed it as far as the social skills component of college. The other stuff? Not so much. I ate poorly, overdrew my bank account repeatedly and made poor safety decisions.

independent living

Sure, the argument can be made that I would have done some of that stuff anyway. But, I had the ability to learn these skills, just no one ever taught them to me.

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As your child enters transition age for their IEP, here is a list of skills you can look at and start to form a plan of what needs to be accomplished.

IEP goal formula for special education

Cleaning and Housekeeping IEP Goals

  1. Can wash dishes adequately using soap and hot water.
  2. Can change a light bulb.
  3. Can make a bed.
  4. Knows how to dispose of garbage, and when garbage day is, consequences, etc.
  5. Can use vacuum cleaner properly and change bags.
  6. Can change bed linen.
  7. Knows how to prevent sinks and toilets from clogging.
  8. Knows how to sweep floor and stairs, wash wood and linoleum floors, wash windows, dust, polish furniture, clean toilet, clean bathtub and sink.
  9. Knows appropriate cleaning products to use for different cleaning jobs.
  10. Knows how to stop a toilet from running.
  11. Knows how to use a plunger to unstop a toilet or sink.
  12. Can defrost the refrigerator, if necessary.
  13. Can clean a stove.
  14. Knows how to conserve energy and water.
  15. Perform routine house cleaning to maintain the home in a reasonably clean state.
  16. Uses drawers and closets appropriately for storage.
  17. Knows what repairs a landlord should perform.
  18. Can do minor household repairs.
  19. Is able to contact the landlord and request repairs. 
  20. Can change a fuse or reset a circuit breaker.
  21. Can measure a window for shades or curtains.
  22. Knows how to get rid of and avoid roaches, ants, mice, etc. as well as preventative measures

Renting and Independent Living Skills

  1. Understands the concept of renting.
  2. Knows how to access emergency shelter, and when to do so
  3. Knows where to look for housing opportunities
  4. Understands basic terms (lease, sub-let, utilities, studio, efficiency, security deposit, reference, etc.)
  5. Can calculate the costs associated with different types of housing.
  6. Can describe pros and cons of choosing a roommate.
  7. Can identify type of housing that is within budget and meets current housing needs.
  8. Can calculate “start-up” costs (Utility deposits, connection fees, security deposit, first month’s rent, purchase of furniture and all other household items).
  9. Can complete a rental application.
  10. Can ask the landlord about the available apartment to determine if it meets their needs.
  11. Knows to inspect the apartment to make sure appliances work and that the landlord has supplied accurate information about the apartment and the neighborhood.
  12. Shows some concern for the rights of other residents with regard to property and noise.
  13. Understands the consequences if the rights of other residents are not respected.
  14. Understands the implication of the security deposit. Knows the role of a landlord.
  15. Demonstrates the ability to get along with other residents and the landlord.
  16. Knows how to get help if there is a conflict with the landlord.
  17. Can access emergency assistance for utilities.

Managing Transportation Skills

  1. Aware of consequences of driving without a license and insurance.
  2. Has successfully completed a Driver’s Ed class.
  3. Knows how to call a taxi and provide the information needed.
  4. Knows the approximate cost of using Uber
  5. Can use Uber, understands safety procedures of using rideshares
  6. If given instructions, can make public transportation journey involving several transfers.
  7. Can give directions or address if using rideshare
  8. Can arrange routine transportation to work or school.
  9. Knows what is required to get a driver’s license.
  10. Has driver’s permit.
  11. Can fix a bicycle.
  12. Can read a map.
  13. Knows how to do basic car maintenance.
  14. Can estimate the cost of owning and operating a car for a month/year including tabs and insurance
  15. Has a driver’s license

Printable List of Independent Living Skills

Here is the printable list of Independent Living Skills. It is a work in progress, so check back often. But I didn’t want to delay in getting it out there for you.

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