{IEP and Email} What to Know Before You Click “Send.”

IEPs and E-Mail

Email. How did we live without it? IEPs are relatively new, not even 50 years old. Obviously, e-mail is even newer. And, as technology changes, IEP practice and regulations has to change too. The last time IDEA was reauthorized what 2004, so even that is a long time in the age of e-mail. Case law and OCR complaint decisions have helped shape some of what is acceptable in using email for your IEP.

can you email an IEP

If you handle IEP business over email, here are some FAQs for parents. Read them before you click send. Especially number 9. Seriously!

Before you click “send…”

Here are some tips for using email to discuss and handle your IEP concerns and requests.

Guidance Letter about IEP and Email


IEP Requests over Email

Here are just some of the things you can request for your child over email. If you click those links, you’ll find templates for email and letters.

I hope this helps. I don’t want anyone to get into hot water over something you said when you were emotional. Now, go re-read number 9 again.