20+ {cheap!} Halloween Light Play Toys

Halloween Light Play Toys

Even if your child doesn’t like Trick or Treating, you can still enjoy Halloween. Like other parts of our life, Halloween just looks different for me and my family. And I’m ok with that. K may not go trick or treating or want to wear a Halloween costume, there is much more to Halloween.

One of the things I love best about Halloween is the abundance of glow sticks and LED lights and toys. They are just everywhere this time of year!

It is a great time to stock up. Especially if you’re not picky wait until right before or after the holiday and this stuff will be super cheap. I usually buy a whole bunch and keep a stockpile in my pantry.

Especially with longer nights and shorter days coming, we love doing light play.

Benefits of Halloween Light Play

  • fulfills sensory need
  • helps brighten a dark day
  • often the child can maintain focus longer
  • beneficial for many visual impairments such as CVI
  • calming effect
  • entertaining
  • versatile
  • educating them, and they usually don’t know it!
  • can be used for multiple disciplines: sensory, science, language, fine motor, math, possibilities endless!

halloween light play toys

20 fun Halloween Glow Sticks/Lanterns and Lights


  1. Standard glow stick necklaces
  2. Super Glow Skull Wand
  3. Happy Halloween Glow Sticks
  4. Glow in the Dark Pumpkin Wand
  5. LED Light Up Glowing Pumpkin Wands
  6. Flashing Pumpkin Ghost Head Spring Glow Wand
  7. Pumpkin Halloween Flashlight Torch
  8. Halloween Trick Or Treat Safety Set Pumpkin (Flashlight Torch and Bucket)
  9. Pumpkin Flashlight Halloween Necklace
  10. Flashlights On A Rope
  11. Trick or Treat Wand Halloween Safety Night Light with Sound and Flashing Setting
  12. Clip-on Lights
  13. Little Tikes Scream Beams Flashlight
  14. Spooky 5 Different Lenses Halloween Flashlight
  15. Halloween Flashlight (digital download)
  16. LED Skull Flashlight
  17. Cyalume Green Glow Sticks
  18. “Avengers” Happy Halloween Trick or Treat Candy Loot Bag w/bonus light necklace
  19. Keychain Flashlights
  20. Batman vs. Superman flashlight


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