Elliott Jaffa is a child psychologist who emphasizes the importance of catching children being good. He believes that instead of asking the generic “How was school?”, parents should ask their children what they learned that day. By encouraging children to share something new they’ve learned, it fosters a positive and engaging conversation. Elliott also stresses the importance of praising children for their observable behaviors, rather than focusing on physical appearance or superficial compliments. He believes that using the “language of the positive” can be challenging for parents, but it is an essential skill in promoting positive behavior in children.

00:02:15 The goal is to catch kids being good. Ask what they learned instead of “how was school?” Praise observable behaviors, not physical appearance. Parents struggle with the language of positivity.
00:06:18 The speaker asks an easy question, but with language restrictions. They then ask if the listener’s hand is bleeding, questioning the validity of the question.
00:09:34 Cows drink water, not milk. The focus should be on positive communication and listening with children.
00:12:42 A therapist challenges children to quit school and express their dislike towards teachers and principals.
00:17:56 Author dislikes phone use while driving; suggests penalties for hitting pedestrians distracted by phones. Author also dislikes phone use during business meetings; prefers clients who are not attached to their phones. Author personally does not use phone much, except for emergencies or coordinating plans. Recommends using phones for educational purposes.
00:20:19 The text discusses using the internet to learn and earn phone time for educational purposes.
00:23:35 The author discusses their interactions with children and the impact of their conversations.
00:27:37 The speaker plans to provide information on how to find doctor Jaffa through a podcast listing, email, and Facebook.

Elliott Jaffa
Dr. Elliott B. Jaffa Associates
Arlington, VA

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