Here are some free phonics worksheets for you. Who is you?

These phonics worksheets and word searches are for whoever is working on this skill with kids. That might be teachers, homeschoolers or parents reinforcing skills at home.

phonics word search

If you are a parent working on these skills at home, I would strongly encourage you to communicate with your child’s teacher to ensure consistency for your child.

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Phonics is a part of decoding, and since I have things like decoding IEP goals on this site, I figured adding these worksheets for phonics skills would be a nice complementary activity.

Make sure you visit all the related articles on this site if you have a struggling reader. As always, none of the activities I keep on the site are intended for use in isolation. I never expect that one worksheet or set of worksheets will fix a reading disability.

But, as part of a holistic, multi-sensory approach, they are useful.

If you have trouble downloading and printing these phonics worksheets, just scroll past them and you’ll find instructions.

Phonics Worksheets PDF

Here are the PDF phonics worksheets. If you choose to download this PDF, it will download all the pages at once. From there, you’ll have to decide which ones you wish to print.

Have fun!

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