12 Inspirational Family Movies | Gratitude | Making a Difference | Giving Back

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Inspirational Films about Making a Difference and Giving Back

I hate when I have to rework posts due to creeps. With all of the buzz out there about the misogynist creeps in Hollywood, I am updating this post. I certainly do not want to promote anyone’s career who acts like that. And certainly, they don’t deserve to be mentioned in a post about gratitude and making a difference. (In other words, this is an older post, but I have removed some of the movies and added new ones.)

November is typically a thankful month. Some families express gratitude at Thanksgiving dinner, others cook at serve at community kitchens or donate to food cupboards. I’m restarting my gratitude journal with my kids. I also have plans for us to help with distributing supplies to the homeless on Thanksgiving weekend.

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Before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season begins, why not curl up with your family and a good movie or show? The following shows and movies are all about gratitude, giving back, being grateful, paying it forward. All that warm and fuzzy stuff. Here are my picks for movies that teach gratitude, inspiration, appreciation, being thankful for what you have and more.

Movies about Gratitude and Giving

Inspirational Family Films

  1. The Revolutionary Optimists-This is an incredibly inspiring movie about a group of children living in a Calcutta slum who band together to change their community. Funded by the Gates Foundation, this is a really well put together film.