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Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Some years, my son’s team is as large as 15 or 16 people. Sure, they’re not all teachers, but I thank them all at the same time. I’m good at knowing when Teacher Appreciation Day is (usually first week of May) but there’s no way I could keep track of OT week, PT week, school nurse week and so on. But having a team that large means a lot of money to thank them all. Even a $5 or $10 gift, times 15, adds up. Here is a list of fun but cheap Teacher Appreciation Gift ideas. Some don’t cost anything but your time.

National Teacher Day is right around the corner. It’s also getting near the end of the school year. If your budget is tight and/or your child has a large team, these Cheap Teacher Appreciation Gifts are a great way to give something nice and keep from breaking the bank. Each can be personalized to your child’s ability and the teacher individual preferences. 

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

The greatest thanks you can give any teacher is to continue to encourage your child to grow and learn. These cheap teacher appreciation gifts are just a sampling of the many things you can put together and give to the person who has been there daily working with your child to encourage their emotional and intellectual growth this year.

End of Year Teacher Gifts

  1. Homemade Bath Salts: A large bag of Epsom Salts, some essential oils and decorative jars can be purchased for under $15 and supply a nice and personal gift for multiple teachers. Simple scented salts are a fun and easy gift to make with your kids.
  2. Gift Cards: When in doubt, I get whole bunch of $5 or $10 gift cards to places that most people enjoy-McDonald’s, Starbucks, Rita’s or Dunkin Donuts. Even if they do not use the card, they can regift it to one of their kid’s teachers if they want.
  3. Supply Basket: Help a teacher restock their room with a simple supply basket containing red marking pens, post it notes, headache medicine, hand sanitizer, a few chocolate bars and a nice smelling lotion and/or candle. Think Dollar Tree!
  4. Volunteer to clean up at End of Year: Teachers often have to work after kids get out of school for the year to clean up and pack away their supplies for next year. Offer to come by and help them clean, pack and ready things so they can begin their vacation earlier
  5. Custom Notecards: Pick out some beautiful scenery and snap a few pictures to create a batch of custom note cards on one of the many online sites with photo gifts. Add their name to the back or their monogram to the front for a personal touch.
  6. Fun Magnets or Bulletin Board Pins: Teachers are always pinning things up on their walls, filing cabinets, desks and chalkboards. Grab a few fun themed magnets at your local craft store or make your own with glass rocks, pictures, glue and simple magnets.
  7. Scrapbook of Class: Grab pictures of the class, a few field trip memories and the classroom décor from the year and create a fun scrapbook with the year on the cover for the teacher to have to remember for years to come.
  8. Summer Fun Basket: Grab a beach towel, sun screen, aloe vera gel, a reusable fun water bottle and a pair of inexpensive flip flops and throw together to create a “fun in the sun” themed summer fun basket for them to use while on vacation. (again, go to Dollar Tree!)
  9. Cookie in a Jar: Whip up a simple batch of your favorite cookie mix in a jar and label with a thank you note letting them know you are thankful for what they have done for your child. Include a small gift card for a local grocery store to cover the cost of other supplies to make the cookies ($5 is usually enough). If budget allows put in a gift bag or basket alongside a colorful oven mitt, whisk or spatula and a mug for cocoa or tea to go along side the cookie. (much of this can be found at a Dollar Store!)
  10. A Thank You Note-It doesn’t cost anything to be kind. So just sending a quick note to school with a “thanks for all you do” or pulling the teacher aside and just saying thank you. You don’t even have to wait until Teacher Appreciation Day to do this–it’s free and you can do it anytime!

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