ASL Christmas Activities

How super cute is this ASL Christmas Tree Worksheet?! This is the best free Christmas printable worksheet you are going to find. Ok, worksheets. Not worksheet.

Because it is multiple pages. But what a great way to infuse holiday spirit and teach letter recognition and ASL. You can teach so many skills with this activity.

christmas tree worksheet
  • American Sign Language
  • Letter Recognition
  • Language
  • Fine Motor (cutting and gluing)
  • Matching Skills
  • Sequencing Skills
  • Memory

Adding ASL Christmas activities to your home or classroom is a great way to promote inclusion. The Christmas tree worksheet is fantastic for kids who need to visualize concepts.

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Christmas in ASL

How do you say Christmas or Christmas Tree in ASL? Wouldn’t it be fun to learn? I think so! I included a video below to teach how to say Merry Christmas in Sign Language.

I plan to do at least one or two activities like this, otherwise, they’d spend the whole time on screens. We have one plastic placemat that has the ASL American Sign Language Letters on it, and he is interested in that. He uses it often and practices the ASL alphabet.

So hopefully this Christmas Tree Worksheet with ASL build-a-Christmas-tree activity will interest him too. Have fun! And don’t forget to share with your favorite Mom or Teacher.

Free Christmas Tree Worksheet

Merry Christmas in Sign Language

Here you go, a video showing how to say Merry Christmas in Sign Language.

YouTube video

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